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Harvest Havoc aka 10 ways to get the most out of Harvest Weekend*...

 *Harvest least that's my name for the weekend fast approaching.

Pumpkins...Cider Pressing...Crisp Air...Leaves...oh my!

1.Ted''s Pumpkins...for sale on Main Road.  

2. Colors...Colors...Colors...just try to count them all!

 3. Farm fun at the Cider Pressing Party...children's activities, too...Saturday & Sunday.

4. Apples? Oooohhhh, the caramel apples...also at the Farm Museum event...get their own #on my list...they're available both days...until they run out.

6. Sales! At Island Style, Islandtime Books & Island name several. Check the Washington Island Observer for more.

7. Food? Did I forget food? Saturday, the day can start off with breakfast at the Fire Department Open House (7:30am to 10:30am)**  ......and end at Harvest Dinner @ Trinity Lutheran Church! Call 847- 2286 for reservations. At this writing, several seatings are filled.*** Food is indeed a fundamental part of this weekend!

8. Books & Media Sale @ the Art & Nature Center, 9 to 12, Saturday. Stock up!

9. See one more sunset. (This one is an Anna Gibson photo.)

10 (Perhaps) a rollicking ride on the ferry awaits...this photo was taken last year at Harvest Weekend.

Autumn is awesome! Join us!

Have a great week!

 **Cathy Meader Photo ***Thanks to the Danish Mill for the use of the cherry pie photo. (Their pies are delicious, too!) It simulates the "pie room" at the Trinity Event. In the spirit of accuracy, pumpkin pie is the dessert served at the traditional family style turkey dinner.

Here's the Scoop!

Scoops come in many shapes and sizes...

When I saw this photo* a week or so ago, I couldn't help thinking about my one of my favorite cream is plentiful on the Island...especially this time of year.The Albatross has great soft serve yogurt as well as quite a selection of ice cream...I think their hours have increased since this photo was taken in June. I just thought the ice cream cone hit the spot!KK's or The Koyen Collection serves Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Praline Pecan is good. However, my favorite is Mackinac Island Fudge. We need more, Kenny. I guess other people like it too.

The Fragrant Isle Lavender Cart at Main and Lobdell Pt. has gelato...chocolate, cherry and of course, lavender!

The thought of Ice Cream leads me to the recent ANC Ice Cream Social aka "Art in the Park".Choosing a flavor is serious has only so many tickets.It doesn't matter how old we are...when it comes to Ice Cream, we are all children at heart!Arbutus is a fan of chocolate and Harold likes strawberry. What's your favorite flavor?

Another idea from the Oldenburg "Dropped Cone"...okay, this is a stretch...I can't help myself...I noticed one of the upcoming concerts for the Washington Island Music Festival is called "Ice Cream Sundae"...well, they do know how to get my attention!Opening concert is next Monday. The evening starts at 7:00pm with a preconcert talk by Samantha George...concert begins at 7:30pm with a reception following on the patio.

This Week...


Story time on the Cherry Train - I think the train may be filled but contact Marcia at the Library for further info - Who knows? If interest is high, they might be able to schedule another storytime "run"! -  847-2323.


Critter Class for Kids - ages 6 to 10- Art and Nature Center - 1:00pm

Basket Making - Family Pioneer Day - Farm Museum - 1:00pm

Star Party with Amateur Astronomer Emmett Woods - sponsored by the Art & Nature Center - meet at the field behind the Farm Museum - about 9:00pm to 10:30pm - telescopes provided or BYOT


Hansen Night (the next generation) - out at the Red Barn - 7:30pm 

The 10 nieces and 10 nephews of Red Barn Co-Director Dan Hansen are taking over the show. For the first time they are producing, managing, and performing...should be fun!


Scandinavian Song and Dance Fest  - outdoor stage at the Community Center - 7:30 PM

The 65th Annual actually... a fundraiser for the Community Center Committee, all monies earned go toward improvements to benefit the Community Center and/or the Island community. The main project this year is the updating of the Rutledge Room in the Community Center.  


Baseball - 1:30pm - Egg Harbor plays here...last home game! 

Have a great week!

*Claes Oldenburg "Dropped Cone" 2001

Plum Amazing!

In honor of the FOPPI Volunteers Annual Meeting this coming Saturday on Plum Island, I thought I would share a bit on the archeological dig conducted there last month.


As the US Fish and Wildlife Service continues the process to open Plum to the public, it becomes necessary to review/research sites which could provide information about what life was like there in previous times. James Myster, regional archaeologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service Midwest Region put together this adventure. James' region covers eight states so it was pretty nifty to think he could allocate this time to such a project.


One of the first issues was just getting to Plum on a regular basis for two weeks. Here's Archeologist James and Student Katie on the way to work one morning. James indicated this was the first time in his career he had to commute by boat to the site.


Yes, this was tough work for Lew and Mockingbird...33 trips in all were least two in the morning and two in the evening.


The site of the original lighthouse - opened in 1849 and abandoned in 1858 - was a perfect opportunity to let some students get hands-on experience. That timeline is significant, according to  James, because it delineates a definite period of time - and a short period a that - when the site was occupied... another help in seeing this project come together as a college course. 

 Longtime friend, Brian Hoffman, Hamline University Associate Anthropology Professor, wanted to give a group of students this chance. So for the first time they worked together in this win/win situation. Here's Brian in the background...hard to get a photo of him as he was usually the one taking the pictures!Careful excavation revealed more of the old stone walls and indicated where the doorways might have been. While there is no known definitive illustration of exactly how the building appeared, the work helped dispel notions of how it was not constructed. (Steve Waldron Photo)

A team of four girls and two boys, mostly incoming Seniors, worked eight to ten hour days in this field experience, carefully digging around the foundation and sifting the results.
 Tedious to mention buggy? Yes, it was.

However, everyone reported it was worth it... Learning the process of unearthing a ruin in real time...keeping records & cataloging an inventory.Results of this work will be used in signage and informational displays...interesting to see that note taking by hand continues in fieldwork. (Steve Waldron Photo)Laptops would then be used to gather further information from state, federal, and other historical sites.Artifacts such as fragments of pottery were found...buttons too.(Tim Sweet Photo) At the end of this phase, any artifacts discovered were then transported back to the Hamline U. campus in St. Paul, MN where the students were to continue this Summer course in the lab there with Brian.Here's the current lighthouse...not as poetic perhaps but a better location. (Steve Waldron Photo) 

Plum amazing? Yes! This is just one piece in the puzzle to be completed so that Plum can be accessible. To see the variety of public and private agencies and organizations working together to ready Plum Island for public access some day is amazing. A review of this activity will be shared at the FOPPI Meeting this coming Saturday.

Quoting Carol Thompson's article in the July 5th Door County Peninsula Pulse: "It may be next summer or the one after that but someday Plum Island will be open to the public."

Watch for future events to be scheduled  which will benefit the Friends of Plum and Pilot Island in this effort.

Coming Up:

Wednesday -

Pioneer Day Family Activity: Candle Making; Hay Wagon Rides, too! - Farm Museum -1:00pm

Thursday -

German Exchange Student Celine Kammin Piano Concert - Historic Island Dairy - 7:30pm - admission is free

Friday -    

Washington Island Art Association presents: "Small Frame - Big Art Show" Opening Reception -

Red Cup Coffee Shop - 4:30pm

 11th Annual Folk Festival - Out at the Red Barn - 7:30pm

Saturday - 

Rec Run! - Starting at the Rec Center - 10:00am

Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble - TPAC - 7:30pm

Sunday - 

"Free Spirits, We Cousins Four" Opening Reception -  Art and Nature Center - 2:00pm


It's a busy time! Have a great week!


Here Comes the Fun!

Time to enjoy what the Island has to offer...Actually, the fun started for me at the Fireworks on the 4th of July...right from "the bombs bursting in air"...right on cue! Yes, that was planned and it worked!

Now on to other adventures...some visitors like Nature...we have a lot of it.Some folks just like to sit and visit...Some prefer to shop...Island Style on Lobdell Pt. Road could help with that...Perhaps a remembrance of your Island stay?So could the Red Cup! Necklaces take up so little room in your suitcase!

Others like to have things to do...

Art & Nature Center: "Science of Music" running Tuesday thru Thursday from 1 to 3 pm -  for young Scientists ages 6 to 11 - Sign up at the is limited to first 15...yes, participants are asked to attend all three sessions! For more info, see

Art in the Park! - Can't forget this fun event - Saturday -11 to 3 at the cream... brats et al...hands on art activities...Oh my!



 Farm Museum:

Pioneer Day - Wednesday - Family Craft: Corn Husk Dolls ...Wagon Rides, too!


Midsummers Music: Concert - Thursday - Historic Island Dairy - 6pm - Note: 50% of the ticket price will be donated to the Rec Center here on the Island. For further info call 920-854-7088.


TPAC: Taste of the TPAC - Thursday  Food served: 4:30 to 6:00pm (yum!) Entertainment follows...

Doc Heide & Karen Mal @ TPAC on Saturday 7:30pm


Out at the Red Barn: Irish Night w/ Jim Morris & Friends Friday 7:30pm


Baseball - Bailey's Harbor Here Sunday 1:30 pm


A Final Note: Our Fire Department is on the small side...much effort was spent on the traditional opening activity on the 4th, the Pancake Breakfast! By the evening, safety management of the site and  manning the Fire Department equipment were the priorities.

It didn't seem as if there were enough workers to pass the Helmets and Boots...the donations suffered. As I remember last year, we had rain and there was a scramble so donations slipped then too. *Here's Fire Chief Pete Nehlsen with a few of his adoring fans. If you see him around the Island and haven't made a donation, remember every little bit helps...on second thought, Pete moves pretty fast so mail it to him. Fire Dept. PO Box #100, Washington Island 54246. Thanks to WIFD for the great show!

Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great week!

 *Cathy Meader Photo


Thinking Art...and Nature too!

Oh boy! The opening is coming!Preparations are underway.
Season opening reception with featured artist Pat Wright and her show, "Images and Paintings of Everyday Life on the Island" Friday, June 14, 7:30pm. Here...Keeper

The Art and Nature Center has a full schedule of experiences for children...Nice to see so many taking advantage of these offerings. Here's a Watercolor by Summer Visitor Lily West. Her mom reports she completed this at home over the Winter...Lily says it is her "mind's view" of the Island.Given a past sunset  captured by Mom, Kim West, I would say Lily has some good memories...Yes, those fun art activities remind me of other times...I bet a lot of us could/can do this...but I digress...
I was trying to merely hint at Pat's work as the featured artist...however, her Butterfly nicely evokes the blending of both the Art and the Nature side of this unique organization.

Island teacher Steve Waldron will be returning as naturalist. 

Things are changing on the Nature side of the ANC.Through the generosity of Virginia Thomas, new exhibits with a tech edge will's a photo posted by Steve last year on the ANC Facebook page...might want to "Like" that page. Steve is exploring the idea of using minicams this summer...among other things.

 I do think the Snakes will still be around as well as Plant Identification...whether by traditional books or computer searches ... thanks to Director Laura's help, I now know we have Starry False Solomon Seal blooming currently.

Coming SoonPosting ahead a bit but this is worth planning an Island visit! Friday, June 21...Birds of Chicago will be in concert at the TPAC.

Follow Up
FYI - Have been following the progress  over the last few weeks and can now report the new checkout system at Mann's Store is up and running.


Have a great week!

Preparations ....tis the Season!



...a warm up has been noted this past week here on the Island. This green I am seeing is so's a happy color. The earthy smells aren't bad either. Listen to the telephone ring...It's been fun... things are becoming more active...weeks at the Cottage are starting to fill...nature is starting to wake up too.

Trillium seem to populate the Island even more this year. Other flowers are starting to make themselves known.The Cottage Spring Cleaning took up most of this past week....tis the Season!A few new things are in place as well...have listened to suggestions and added a blender - okay, it's not a juicer but smoothies are a definite possibility. A couple of new outlets have been added to the Cottage guest room as well. In this age of personal electronic devices, the outlet to the left of the mirror is our way of providing a "charging station" albeit Island style! Nice to have a new lamp too!

Anticipation is starting to build... my long term memory is kicking in. This quote goes out to all Teachers (yes, with a capital "T"!) as they buckle down...for the final days of the school year.Summer is coming!

Coming Up...Auditions for the Summer Island Players presentation are Monday & Tuesday of this week - 7:00 pm at the School Commons - Questions? Call Howard Scott at 2453.

Looking like Memorial Day Weekend means Rummage Sales ... Great places to drop off your unwanted things...then see what treasures you can find!

From the Art & Nature Center!It’s time to sort media collections.  Bring cast offs to The Art and Nature Center on Friday afternoon, May 24, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Then stay and shop, or come back on Saturday morning, May 25, from 9:00 until noon and shop our total collection of donated items... a great fund-raiser for the ANC! Questions? Need help to get items to the ANC? call Barb O’Connell, 847-2436 or Laura Waldron, 847-2657.

The "Washington DC Kids" have a rummage sale set from 9 to 2, Saturday the 25th at the Community Center Gym AND their second car wash. (They made over $500 at the first one! Not bad but the goal, given the numbers of students is $10,000 for the 2014 trip.) ...the high schoolers may be running a Brat Sale there as well. It sounds like one-stop shopping!


The Island Memorial Tribute to honor those who have died while in military service will be held Monday morning the 27th. It is a wonderful tradition.


Have a great week!