Scandinavian Fest

Here's the Scoop!

Scoops come in many shapes and sizes...

When I saw this photo* a week or so ago, I couldn't help thinking about my one of my favorite cream is plentiful on the Island...especially this time of year.The Albatross has great soft serve yogurt as well as quite a selection of ice cream...I think their hours have increased since this photo was taken in June. I just thought the ice cream cone hit the spot!KK's or The Koyen Collection serves Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Praline Pecan is good. However, my favorite is Mackinac Island Fudge. We need more, Kenny. I guess other people like it too.

The Fragrant Isle Lavender Cart at Main and Lobdell Pt. has gelato...chocolate, cherry and of course, lavender!

The thought of Ice Cream leads me to the recent ANC Ice Cream Social aka "Art in the Park".Choosing a flavor is serious has only so many tickets.It doesn't matter how old we are...when it comes to Ice Cream, we are all children at heart!Arbutus is a fan of chocolate and Harold likes strawberry. What's your favorite flavor?

Another idea from the Oldenburg "Dropped Cone"...okay, this is a stretch...I can't help myself...I noticed one of the upcoming concerts for the Washington Island Music Festival is called "Ice Cream Sundae"...well, they do know how to get my attention!Opening concert is next Monday. The evening starts at 7:00pm with a preconcert talk by Samantha George...concert begins at 7:30pm with a reception following on the patio.

This Week...


Story time on the Cherry Train - I think the train may be filled but contact Marcia at the Library for further info - Who knows? If interest is high, they might be able to schedule another storytime "run"! -  847-2323.


Critter Class for Kids - ages 6 to 10- Art and Nature Center - 1:00pm

Basket Making - Family Pioneer Day - Farm Museum - 1:00pm

Star Party with Amateur Astronomer Emmett Woods - sponsored by the Art & Nature Center - meet at the field behind the Farm Museum - about 9:00pm to 10:30pm - telescopes provided or BYOT


Hansen Night (the next generation) - out at the Red Barn - 7:30pm 

The 10 nieces and 10 nephews of Red Barn Co-Director Dan Hansen are taking over the show. For the first time they are producing, managing, and performing...should be fun!


Scandinavian Song and Dance Fest  - outdoor stage at the Community Center - 7:30 PM

The 65th Annual actually... a fundraiser for the Community Center Committee, all monies earned go toward improvements to benefit the Community Center and/or the Island community. The main project this year is the updating of the Rutledge Room in the Community Center.  


Baseball - 1:30pm - Egg Harbor plays here...last home game! 

Have a great week!

*Claes Oldenburg "Dropped Cone" 2001

Oh dear ...


Oh dear, it just happened...

I saw my first "Back to School" commercial this morning. Granted, I retired from a teaching career several years ago, that little tv moment still sent an involuntary jolt/shudder through me. We are most fortunate to have many summer visitors who have a connection to education. It may be the contemplative aura of the Island and consequently, the Cottage. Never thought our place would draw such a consistent stream of people from a similar background.   I have been so happy to provide folks (with such challenging careers) this enriching, relaxing spot.

However, the calendar continues to read "July" and therefore I prefer to look into the coming week(s) and take note of some interesting happenings. We are so fortunate to have such talented people on the Island. 

Friday, August 3 - Bob Wang, folksinger & guitarist, returns to the Red Barn for his 3rd performance - 7:30 pm.


Saturday, August 4 - Scandinavian Dance Fest - The hard work of weeks of practice will be showcased on the outdoor stage at the Community Center. Bring a chair, a blanket or both at 7:30 pm!

 Monday, August 6 - The Washington Island Music Fest begins its 21st season with an opening concert and reception - 7:30 pm w/ a preconcert talk @ 7:00 pm.  (Okay, I know this "illustration" might be a bit much but, when I saw Fest Manager Joanne Jack's post yesterday, I couldn't resist sharing it! It is her homage to the Fest Chorus. More on their concert in a future post.)

My highest regards to you  educators out there. I do ask/suggest that you take a breath and continue to enjoy these glorious Summer days. May they give you the necessary fuel to forge ahead in your endeavors.