Farm Museum


Autumn: Here's Figenschau Bay just off the Cottage at Harvest Weekend*...nice to have a little quiet time then while commemorating one way the Island has made its way economically over the years.

Farming has long been a part of life on the Island.*

Haying whether for here...

or for export is evident.

Farming here continues to evolve. The development of Lavender here on the Island has been a recent addition.

Here's another person who loves farming...The TPAC is pleased to welcome back Farmer, Writer and Storyteller Michael Perry this coming Saturday, October 26 at 4:00pm.

A prolific writer, this photo from Perry's website speaks to a selection in his latest book,Visiting Tom...sawmill day

Perry is also a firefighter/EMT/nurse ... hope he finds time to share some of those stories as well.

Other Happenings:

Pat and Gloria are devoting their time this week and they sure could use your help...Assistance in sorting is needed as preparations ramp up on Thursday the 24th - 9 to 5. It's time for the Annual Clothing Rummage Sale! As always, those who help sort may shop early! Sale runs from Friday the 25th (9 to 5)  thru Saturday (9 to 1)...oh, the sale is at Trinity Church! 

BE PREPARED to be SCARED! Preparations are Fiddlers Green. Saturday: Bring the family...The Spooktacular Family Fun Fair will be held between 4-7 pm at and include games, treats and kid-friendly activities (...nothing scary for the little ones.) For hardier souls...The Spine Tingling Farm of Fear starts at 6:30 pm @ the Farm Museum. Events are free to the public but donations would be greatly appreciated! Proceeds will benefit The Washington Island Farm Museum and The Mosling Recreation Center. Music follows at Fiddlers  Green 8 to 11 pm.

Ferry Action:

As the temps grow crisper, darkness is coming sooner.  This photo was taken at 6:30 pm Saturday...dredging was occurring nearer the to the entrance of the ferry channel at that point. The shorter days also remind me that the ferry schedule is moving to 6 trips a day. Last boat from the mainland is now at 5:00 pm....although there are still late boats on Friday night...for the time being. This schedule change starts today. For more info, check the ferry web site.

Have a great week!

* Thanks, Pam DeVos, for the use of these photos! 



Harvest Havoc aka 10 ways to get the most out of Harvest Weekend*...

 *Harvest least that's my name for the weekend fast approaching.

Pumpkins...Cider Pressing...Crisp Air...Leaves...oh my!

1.Ted''s Pumpkins...for sale on Main Road.  

2. Colors...Colors...Colors...just try to count them all!

 3. Farm fun at the Cider Pressing Party...children's activities, too...Saturday & Sunday.

4. Apples? Oooohhhh, the caramel apples...also at the Farm Museum event...get their own #on my list...they're available both days...until they run out.

6. Sales! At Island Style, Islandtime Books & Island name several. Check the Washington Island Observer for more.

7. Food? Did I forget food? Saturday, the day can start off with breakfast at the Fire Department Open House (7:30am to 10:30am)**  ......and end at Harvest Dinner @ Trinity Lutheran Church! Call 847- 2286 for reservations. At this writing, several seatings are filled.*** Food is indeed a fundamental part of this weekend!

8. Books & Media Sale @ the Art & Nature Center, 9 to 12, Saturday. Stock up!

9. See one more sunset. (This one is an Anna Gibson photo.)

10 (Perhaps) a rollicking ride on the ferry awaits...this photo was taken last year at Harvest Weekend.

Autumn is awesome! Join us!

Have a great week!

 **Cathy Meader Photo ***Thanks to the Danish Mill for the use of the cherry pie photo. (Their pies are delicious, too!) It simulates the "pie room" at the Trinity Event. In the spirit of accuracy, pumpkin pie is the dessert served at the traditional family style turkey dinner.

Here's the Scoop!

Scoops come in many shapes and sizes...

When I saw this photo* a week or so ago, I couldn't help thinking about my one of my favorite cream is plentiful on the Island...especially this time of year.The Albatross has great soft serve yogurt as well as quite a selection of ice cream...I think their hours have increased since this photo was taken in June. I just thought the ice cream cone hit the spot!KK's or The Koyen Collection serves Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Praline Pecan is good. However, my favorite is Mackinac Island Fudge. We need more, Kenny. I guess other people like it too.

The Fragrant Isle Lavender Cart at Main and Lobdell Pt. has gelato...chocolate, cherry and of course, lavender!

The thought of Ice Cream leads me to the recent ANC Ice Cream Social aka "Art in the Park".Choosing a flavor is serious has only so many tickets.It doesn't matter how old we are...when it comes to Ice Cream, we are all children at heart!Arbutus is a fan of chocolate and Harold likes strawberry. What's your favorite flavor?

Another idea from the Oldenburg "Dropped Cone"...okay, this is a stretch...I can't help myself...I noticed one of the upcoming concerts for the Washington Island Music Festival is called "Ice Cream Sundae"...well, they do know how to get my attention!Opening concert is next Monday. The evening starts at 7:00pm with a preconcert talk by Samantha George...concert begins at 7:30pm with a reception following on the patio.

This Week...


Story time on the Cherry Train - I think the train may be filled but contact Marcia at the Library for further info - Who knows? If interest is high, they might be able to schedule another storytime "run"! -  847-2323.


Critter Class for Kids - ages 6 to 10- Art and Nature Center - 1:00pm

Basket Making - Family Pioneer Day - Farm Museum - 1:00pm

Star Party with Amateur Astronomer Emmett Woods - sponsored by the Art & Nature Center - meet at the field behind the Farm Museum - about 9:00pm to 10:30pm - telescopes provided or BYOT


Hansen Night (the next generation) - out at the Red Barn - 7:30pm 

The 10 nieces and 10 nephews of Red Barn Co-Director Dan Hansen are taking over the show. For the first time they are producing, managing, and performing...should be fun!


Scandinavian Song and Dance Fest  - outdoor stage at the Community Center - 7:30 PM

The 65th Annual actually... a fundraiser for the Community Center Committee, all monies earned go toward improvements to benefit the Community Center and/or the Island community. The main project this year is the updating of the Rutledge Room in the Community Center.  


Baseball - 1:30pm - Egg Harbor plays here...last home game! 

Have a great week!

*Claes Oldenburg "Dropped Cone" 2001

Here Comes the Fun!

Time to enjoy what the Island has to offer...Actually, the fun started for me at the Fireworks on the 4th of July...right from "the bombs bursting in air"...right on cue! Yes, that was planned and it worked!

Now on to other adventures...some visitors like Nature...we have a lot of it.Some folks just like to sit and visit...Some prefer to shop...Island Style on Lobdell Pt. Road could help with that...Perhaps a remembrance of your Island stay?So could the Red Cup! Necklaces take up so little room in your suitcase!

Others like to have things to do...

Art & Nature Center: "Science of Music" running Tuesday thru Thursday from 1 to 3 pm -  for young Scientists ages 6 to 11 - Sign up at the is limited to first 15...yes, participants are asked to attend all three sessions! For more info, see

Art in the Park! - Can't forget this fun event - Saturday -11 to 3 at the cream... brats et al...hands on art activities...Oh my!



 Farm Museum:

Pioneer Day - Wednesday - Family Craft: Corn Husk Dolls ...Wagon Rides, too!


Midsummers Music: Concert - Thursday - Historic Island Dairy - 6pm - Note: 50% of the ticket price will be donated to the Rec Center here on the Island. For further info call 920-854-7088.


TPAC: Taste of the TPAC - Thursday  Food served: 4:30 to 6:00pm (yum!) Entertainment follows...

Doc Heide & Karen Mal @ TPAC on Saturday 7:30pm


Out at the Red Barn: Irish Night w/ Jim Morris & Friends Friday 7:30pm


Baseball - Bailey's Harbor Here Sunday 1:30 pm


A Final Note: Our Fire Department is on the small side...much effort was spent on the traditional opening activity on the 4th, the Pancake Breakfast! By the evening, safety management of the site and  manning the Fire Department equipment were the priorities.

It didn't seem as if there were enough workers to pass the Helmets and Boots...the donations suffered. As I remember last year, we had rain and there was a scramble so donations slipped then too. *Here's Fire Chief Pete Nehlsen with a few of his adoring fans. If you see him around the Island and haven't made a donation, remember every little bit helps...on second thought, Pete moves pretty fast so mail it to him. Fire Dept. PO Box #100, Washington Island 54246. Thanks to WIFD for the great show!

Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great week!

 *Cathy Meader Photo


Food, Spirits, and Fall

A Taste of Autumn*
As Fall moves along I find my tastes tending toward warm gooey, yet seasonal things. Last week, a friend reminded me about it being Grilled Cheese Sandwich weather. Have been cruising Pinterest and by gosh, I am not alone! 
Tastespotting which bills itself as a community driven visual potluck - what an appropriate resource for our area! -  had this luscious Green Goddess Grilled Cheese.
Start with a pesto type spread using what is left in the garden -
parsley, basil, chives, kale, - whatever
and then use a melty cheese like mozarella with layers of spinach leaves and avocado.
Salivating yet?
                         Let's not stop there...  
when one thinks (seasonal foodwise) of the Island, Door County and cool, crisp weather one thought that comes to mind is Apples - there are many types along the roads for sale right now.
So what about a Carmelized Apple Grilled Cheese ? Click the title for the actual recipe but just know it could be good with cheddar cheese or Gouda
 and there is cinnamon and brown sugar involved. This version comes all the way from a Boston site - I guess they like apples there, too!
Becoming familiar with Pinterest is a new adventure for me and I must say it is fun! The possibilities for grilled cheese are endless ... just think about it and if you are on the Island and the store has closed, open the refrig and check the cupboard and see what is on hand. Start to construct your version. Healthy? Not so?  What will your creation be? 
Now my husband, Lew, would think these ideas are a travesty.  The only option in this category for him would be traditional grilled cheese (which he makes really well!) served with that well known tomato soup with which we all grew up. Come to think of it, this continues to be a great option for the little ones as well as the big ones in the family.
Apples? ...... Did I say Apples?      
That reminds me .... I know the Farm Museum publicizes their Saturday/Sunday October 6/7 event as a Cider Pressing Party but the best part (as far as I am concerned) are the taffy apples. I can make a whole meal out of one and we get to dip our own - with or without nuts, you choose. Linda Taylor, the Apple Lady in charge, tells me she has over 800 apples ready and about 130 pounds of caramel on hand for the two day event. The line can be long but it will be worth the wait. The party runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
A visit to a Farm of yesteryear with taffy apples, children's games, cider pressing, farm animals, and more.
Save time in your weekend to be there!
"A Grain of Truth" - Washington Island Makes ForbesLife Magazine.
I stopped in to Paint Box Gallery in Ephraim last Thursday to get two watercolors reframed and in passing, Carol Gresko, the proprietor, mentioned seeing an article which highlighted Death's Door Spirits' Brian Ellison and the company's White Whiskey in the September 24 issue of ForbesLife. The article can be accessed on that magazine's website although I didn't see the accompanying photo - and it's a nice one. 
Not sure what your tastebuds are favoring right now but I hope you take advantage of what the season has to offer.
Have a great week!
PS Have you bought your tickets for the Washington Island Fire Department Benefit? Great prizes for a good cause.
The WIFD Open House is set for Saturday, October 6 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
PPS * Shoreline photo by Pam DeVos.

Busy Times

It happens every year. We wait and wait....through the Winter, then Spring, and now we are in the thick of it...the Summer. So many little time. It is so busy this weekend, things are starting on Friday with the Farm Museum House Tour.  Don't forget the International Food Fest at the Community Center! On Saturday, Friends of Plum and Pilot Island will meet for their annual picnic out on Plum. New members are welcome. The Rec Center will again sponsor the Rec Run. However, a bit of ease is not a bad thing....there's the beach and of course, a sunset. The weekend awaits. Have fun!