Red Cup

Here Comes the Fun!

Time to enjoy what the Island has to offer...Actually, the fun started for me at the Fireworks on the 4th of July...right from "the bombs bursting in air"...right on cue! Yes, that was planned and it worked!

Now on to other adventures...some visitors like Nature...we have a lot of it.Some folks just like to sit and visit...Some prefer to shop...Island Style on Lobdell Pt. Road could help with that...Perhaps a remembrance of your Island stay?So could the Red Cup! Necklaces take up so little room in your suitcase!

Others like to have things to do...

Art & Nature Center: "Science of Music" running Tuesday thru Thursday from 1 to 3 pm -  for young Scientists ages 6 to 11 - Sign up at the is limited to first 15...yes, participants are asked to attend all three sessions! For more info, see

Art in the Park! - Can't forget this fun event - Saturday -11 to 3 at the cream... brats et al...hands on art activities...Oh my!



 Farm Museum:

Pioneer Day - Wednesday - Family Craft: Corn Husk Dolls ...Wagon Rides, too!


Midsummers Music: Concert - Thursday - Historic Island Dairy - 6pm - Note: 50% of the ticket price will be donated to the Rec Center here on the Island. For further info call 920-854-7088.


TPAC: Taste of the TPAC - Thursday  Food served: 4:30 to 6:00pm (yum!) Entertainment follows...

Doc Heide & Karen Mal @ TPAC on Saturday 7:30pm


Out at the Red Barn: Irish Night w/ Jim Morris & Friends Friday 7:30pm


Baseball - Bailey's Harbor Here Sunday 1:30 pm


A Final Note: Our Fire Department is on the small side...much effort was spent on the traditional opening activity on the 4th, the Pancake Breakfast! By the evening, safety management of the site and  manning the Fire Department equipment were the priorities.

It didn't seem as if there were enough workers to pass the Helmets and Boots...the donations suffered. As I remember last year, we had rain and there was a scramble so donations slipped then too. *Here's Fire Chief Pete Nehlsen with a few of his adoring fans. If you see him around the Island and haven't made a donation, remember every little bit helps...on second thought, Pete moves pretty fast so mail it to him. Fire Dept. PO Box #100, Washington Island 54246. Thanks to WIFD for the great show!

Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great week!

 *Cathy Meader Photo


Dorothy & the Other Woman

It has been an interesting week...
 Most of you who read these Posts or set foot on the Island, know Dorothy. 

Dorothy is Lew's 1930 Ford Truck...she has her following.However, as Summer starts to head this way...Dorothy has had to contend with a little competition...that would be Mockingbird aka the "Other Woman".

Funny thing, as Lew prepared to bring in Mockingbird for her "commissioning"...Dorothy wouldn't start.

She just would not budge... finally, serious measures were applied. (What would we do without our tractor?)

When I opened the garage next morning it seemed that Mockingbird  was indeed entrenched in prime territory...poor Dorothy (sigh). 


It's indeed Memorial Day weekend...restaurants & other Island businesses  have opened &/or moved to full time schedules! Danish Mill is on a 7 day schedule...Shipyard's Sailor's Pub opened its doors on Thursday...Karly's Cellar Restaurant opened Friday...KK's restaurant is also an active place.Down the road, the Red Cup is open into the afternoon...Kathleen has opened her Island Time Books Shop - it's her 10th season! The Island Bread Co. sign is up for the "Fresh Bread Today " announcement board by the road!New this year in this area...

Fragrant Isle's Lavender Cart serving several types of gelato and other culinary treats.


Van Gogh is coming to the TPAC this coming Friday. Here's one of his paintings.  Although it may not be a "known" work, A Girl in White in the Woods, reminds me of the Island.  (Oil on canvas 1882, Kroller-Muller Museum, Netherlands)

A Tribute to America!On Tuesday, June 4, there is a 2:00pm & 6:30pm performance scheduled @ the TPAC - Come see King George, Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, President Lincoln, and even the Statue of Liberty. America's Story is presented by the Third through the Sixth Grade and as the photo above indicates, they want YOU to attend! Looks like a lot of fun! (Photo - Corey Van Der Weele)

Have a great week!