Catching Up

Catching Up

In the English tradition today is known as "Boxing Day". It grew from a tradition of employers giving staff gifts of food etc.  It seems a good time to catch up with you followers of island mettle. It’s a good time to share some of the holiday happenings on Washington Island this past month.

water & boats

water & boats

Our three year in-the-making trip has come to an end but the memories will continue. Traveling for Lew and Deb often means water and lots of it. Some of that water was in its accustomed place and some was not. Travel around water also means boats, lots of them. In line with our love of boats on Washington Island, on this trip we found similarities and small world stories, too!

Bumper Season

Where has the time gone?  Summer on the Island was amazing but somehow the time managed to move along and I barely kept up. Some summers are like that. Had a few things to do and no time to fit a blog into the scheme. Perhaps others can relate. There is no perfect time to resume so I am jumping in while I can! 


A usual thing, a typical thing happened last week and it seemed a good time to comment. It’s called the weather. Pulled up at Northport and it was a beautiful afternoon. The clouds had been amazing all week. Captain Con took my ticket as we discussed  the weather. His comment regarding the weather? A wary, “at the moment”.


Of course, he was right. It never ceases to amaze me how quick the wind can switch and the waves can build. We can start off with clear weather and by the time we cross Death’s Door The scene is totally different.


However, one thing doesn’t change.  Being on the Island in the rain is better than a sunny day away.  

There are things to do. Boats to check.

There are things to do. Boats to check.


Lines to adjust. 


Bumpers have a totally different meaning when one is around boats. I guess I should call them fenders.  To me, the time I call Bumper Season is that time before and after The Season. That time when things get done.


Right now, it means time to trench and install the new power cord across Plum Island. In that other Bumper Season,  this past June, the power cable which runs underwater from the mainland at Northport had a bit of a break. 


That cable had been down there for a good amount of time and these things have a “shelf life”. So the Washington Island Electric Co-Op marshaled their forces and brought in the right people/companies to get a temporary fix in place prior to the start of The Season. Whew!

A permanent fix was then developed.


Curious? Yes, we all are. Appreciative, too!  


I can’t begin to explain the coordination of people, agencies, and materials it took but the time has come to start the replacement phase which will include trenching across Plum Island to run this cable over land yet underground part of the way  as the new cable finds it way to the Island before Winter sets in.


A big Thank You to everyone who has made this change possible. This rainbow made its appearance last week as some of the materials were delivered on Plum. Let’s  hope Mother Nature isn’t too changeable and this image will symbolize weather that allows this process to happen as smoothly as it can.


On the Island, Life continues to  move along. Normal timely things are happening. Like cleaning out garages, closets, and basements to contribute items for the Washington Island School Rummage Sale coming up this weekend. No clothing please. Save them for the annual clothing sale at Trinity Church at the end of October.


Books? Media? Collections are being weeded to make room for Winter reads. The Art & Nature Center will prep this Friday afternoon for their sale and folks can shop as they drop off donations on Friday or come into the ANC this Saturday morning to satisfy their reading habit. 


I see Monday was National Consigment Day which reminds me Anna at Island Style is having a $5 bundle sale as she prepares for her season closing October 15.



Oh, and we are selling our house here on the Island. I guess that is part of the reason the Summer got away from me!. So, if anyone is interested, give me a ring.

No, we are not leaving totally. Just want to return to a seasonal renting status so we can continue to enjoy Life here, hopefully at a different pace.


There is more to say, more to cover, more to share  here as there always is. So...

til next time. 

Birding 2.0

Birding 2.0

The clock is ticking! At this writing,  8 slots remain available to sign up for the Washington Islands Birding Festival of the entire weekend including transportation to the islands of Plum and Rock. I thought I would share some examples of birds viewed in past years around that same time. as well as speak to some of the projected activities. Take a look!

on the lake

on the lake

Busy at Northport? Yes! But then as I thought about the date, I realized the trips increase this weekend to the Summer Schedule. That's boats running every 30 minutes, some 20+ roundtrips. Two more night trips will be added this Friday, too. I also remembered one crew member we have come to know will not be returning this weekend.