Birds of Chicago

Thinking Art...and Nature too!

Oh boy! The opening is coming!Preparations are underway.
Season opening reception with featured artist Pat Wright and her show, "Images and Paintings of Everyday Life on the Island" Friday, June 14, 7:30pm. Here...Keeper

The Art and Nature Center has a full schedule of experiences for children...Nice to see so many taking advantage of these offerings. Here's a Watercolor by Summer Visitor Lily West. Her mom reports she completed this at home over the Winter...Lily says it is her "mind's view" of the Island.Given a past sunset  captured by Mom, Kim West, I would say Lily has some good memories...Yes, those fun art activities remind me of other times...I bet a lot of us could/can do this...but I digress...
I was trying to merely hint at Pat's work as the featured artist...however, her Butterfly nicely evokes the blending of both the Art and the Nature side of this unique organization.

Island teacher Steve Waldron will be returning as naturalist. 

Things are changing on the Nature side of the ANC.Through the generosity of Virginia Thomas, new exhibits with a tech edge will's a photo posted by Steve last year on the ANC Facebook page...might want to "Like" that page. Steve is exploring the idea of using minicams this summer...among other things.

 I do think the Snakes will still be around as well as Plant Identification...whether by traditional books or computer searches ... thanks to Director Laura's help, I now know we have Starry False Solomon Seal blooming currently.

Coming SoonPosting ahead a bit but this is worth planning an Island visit! Friday, June 21...Birds of Chicago will be in concert at the TPAC.

Follow Up
FYI - Have been following the progress  over the last few weeks and can now report the new checkout system at Mann's Store is up and running.


Have a great week!