Autumn: Here's Figenschau Bay just off the Cottage at Harvest Weekend*...nice to have a little quiet time then while commemorating one way the Island has made its way economically over the years.

Farming has long been a part of life on the Island.*

Haying whether for here...

or for export is evident.

Farming here continues to evolve. The development of Lavender here on the Island has been a recent addition.

Here's another person who loves farming...The TPAC is pleased to welcome back Farmer, Writer and Storyteller Michael Perry this coming Saturday, October 26 at 4:00pm.

A prolific writer, this photo from Perry's website speaks to a selection in his latest book,Visiting Tom...sawmill day

Perry is also a firefighter/EMT/nurse ... hope he finds time to share some of those stories as well.

Other Happenings:

Pat and Gloria are devoting their time this week and they sure could use your help...Assistance in sorting is needed as preparations ramp up on Thursday the 24th - 9 to 5. It's time for the Annual Clothing Rummage Sale! As always, those who help sort may shop early! Sale runs from Friday the 25th (9 to 5)  thru Saturday (9 to 1)...oh, the sale is at Trinity Church! 

BE PREPARED to be SCARED! Preparations are Fiddlers Green. Saturday: Bring the family...The Spooktacular Family Fun Fair will be held between 4-7 pm at and include games, treats and kid-friendly activities (...nothing scary for the little ones.) For hardier souls...The Spine Tingling Farm of Fear starts at 6:30 pm @ the Farm Museum. Events are free to the public but donations would be greatly appreciated! Proceeds will benefit The Washington Island Farm Museum and The Mosling Recreation Center. Music follows at Fiddlers  Green 8 to 11 pm.

Ferry Action:

As the temps grow crisper, darkness is coming sooner.  This photo was taken at 6:30 pm Saturday...dredging was occurring nearer the to the entrance of the ferry channel at that point. The shorter days also remind me that the ferry schedule is moving to 6 trips a day. Last boat from the mainland is now at 5:00 pm....although there are still late boats on Friday night...for the time being. This schedule change starts today. For more info, check the ferry web site.

Have a great week!

* Thanks, Pam DeVos, for the use of these photos! 



Pheasants = Phun ... er...Fun...

I like Facebook.

Used in an appropriate amount, Facebook can be a lot of, fun. This all started because of a phun post from Margaret Foss a week or so ago. "I see Phred...and Phelix, the pheasants, have returned to their phall home - our pharm. Oh, and now I see Phyllis...the phemale pheasant phriend, my phavorite"...

Doesn't take much to have a good time this phall...Playing havoc with spell check, that's for sure.Looks like the phamily also visited nearby at neighbor Melody Walsh's home. These phantastic pheasant photos were captured by Melody. Thanks to both Margaret and Melody for letting me put this together.

As the evening went on, more and more folks posted  their phunky comments along the same line...I like the simplicity in this moment...observing...capturing...communicating ... such a little thing could make so many of us smile. I think the ability or chance to observe simple things is one of the neat things about living here as the quiet starts to set in... Hopefully, if we can take a moment to enjoy the little things...wherever we are...Life will be least, I think so.

Details...think simple...something to think about...

A sentiment from longtime Island visitor, Grace Lee Gardner.  

Coming Up...

Time to sort...stow...share.

Trinity will be hosting the Annual Island Clothing Rummage Sale soon. Please bag and bring your unwanted clothing including shoes, hats, jewelry, and costumes to the Fellowship Hall starting any time after 12 noon, Sunday, October 20th.

Saturday October 26 will be busy...

Michael Perry @ 4:00pm Trueblood Performing Arts Center


The Spine Tingling Farm of Fear AND The Spooktacular Family Fun Fair. 

We take Halloween seriously up here! 

Have a great week!

Harvest Havoc aka 10 ways to get the most out of Harvest Weekend*...

 *Harvest least that's my name for the weekend fast approaching.

Pumpkins...Cider Pressing...Crisp Air...Leaves...oh my!

1.Ted''s Pumpkins...for sale on Main Road.  

2. Colors...Colors...Colors...just try to count them all!

 3. Farm fun at the Cider Pressing Party...children's activities, too...Saturday & Sunday.

4. Apples? Oooohhhh, the caramel apples...also at the Farm Museum event...get their own #on my list...they're available both days...until they run out.

6. Sales! At Island Style, Islandtime Books & Island name several. Check the Washington Island Observer for more.

7. Food? Did I forget food? Saturday, the day can start off with breakfast at the Fire Department Open House (7:30am to 10:30am)**  ......and end at Harvest Dinner @ Trinity Lutheran Church! Call 847- 2286 for reservations. At this writing, several seatings are filled.*** Food is indeed a fundamental part of this weekend!

8. Books & Media Sale @ the Art & Nature Center, 9 to 12, Saturday. Stock up!

9. See one more sunset. (This one is an Anna Gibson photo.)

10 (Perhaps) a rollicking ride on the ferry awaits...this photo was taken last year at Harvest Weekend.

Autumn is awesome! Join us!

Have a great week!

 **Cathy Meader Photo ***Thanks to the Danish Mill for the use of the cherry pie photo. (Their pies are delicious, too!) It simulates the "pie room" at the Trinity Event. In the spirit of accuracy, pumpkin pie is the dessert served at the traditional family style turkey dinner.

Who Knew?

Who knew it could be such a pretty drive to the Island Exchange?That's the traditional name for the Island Landfill.  Thanks for the photo Kathleen Dixon!

Some lovely colors are developing...but one must know where to look...who knew the leaves could be turning so splashy down a driveway?

Who knew colors could seem even better on a cloudy day? Thanks to the homeowner for allowing me to share....

and then there's the dredging project, who knew...

and the wheels go round and round...  Who knew there could be so much commotion on Lobdell Point Road? Sounds like the Dredging Project in Detroit Harbor has started. This past week lots of trucks have been barreling up and down with dredge tailings from the ferry channel to the disposal dump mid-island.As I walk, I usually see about 8 trucks in 30 minutes. They will haul 6 days a week until they are done which could be the end of the year or into 2014, approximately 10000 truck loads.  It's a 5.3 million dollar project...assistance has been obtained through a state Harbor Assistance Grant.According to an article in the Door County Advocate, this is the first major dredging work since 1939.The barge unloads the tailings into the waiting trucks at the Potato Dock. Thanks to Cathy Meader for these last two photos.

An official "start"ceremony sponsored by Foth, the firm that is contracted to serve as the project engineer, will be held tomorrow/Tuesday at 11am at the Ferry Dock.

Who knew the colors could be getting kind of interesting this soon on the wiggly road to Northport?

Another sign of Fall... coming this Thursday.

Harvest Weekend is right around the corner... who knew?

Have a great week!





It's Starting...2.0

Well, it is now officially Fall...I just looked back and saw that I did a similar post last year at this time.I guess the colors are right on schedule...Bits of various colors have been observed creeping onto the Island this past week...Temperatures are dipping, light is lessening...chlorophyll is leaving, and pigments are becoming more prevalent.My walks on Lobdell Point Road are becoming more interesting...time for thinking, puzzling.We are so lucky to have a Library that is part of a huge seems any book is available.
So, it's hard to think that there are books that are/were banned or challenged. Here are a few...from our Library.

Conversely, it seems neat that we have a Literary Fest here on the Island, October 4, 5, and 6. The Island is full of writers...Here are some examples I found in our home library. Writers start school...some people chart their lives and those of their ancestors...some create poetry. (Oh...Plan ahead: Do note TPAC will be bringing back Michael Perry, Host of NPR's Tent Show Radio and author of memoirs including his newest book, "Visiting Tom" on Oct. 26.)Dick Purinton recently published his latest book: "Thordarson and Rock Island" but Lew still enjoys "Over and Back". I found this collection of High Schoolers' writings in our library as well. The book, from 1994, includes an interesting history of the then "Cheese Factory", an essay on Writer Clay Blair, and even a "Ferry Line Ballad" ...this last one produced by (now) Town Chairman, Joel Gunnlaugsson.
There are many more writers here...I think of Robert Mazibuko and his most recent book on life in South Africa during apartheid, "In Spite of All Barriers". Another new release comes from Martina Koken, "Best Air for Dandelions"...and then there's Karen Yancy's collaboration with Artist Patti Cauldwell, "Hot Sling and Other Island Poems". I could go on but suffice to say, it seems there is something about Washington Island that nourishes this type of creativity.

So true...come visit!


From Deja Vous Resale Clothing: HUGE Charity SALE this Saturday from 10-3 and Sunday 9/28/13 from1-4! All clothing and accessories are 50% off and ALL proceeds benefit WICHP! Come help one of the most important programs Washington Island has for it's residents!

@ the TPAC:


Have a great week!

It's Starting!

Shhhhh ....   Colors are coming...                  
                                           ... cool, crisp evenings.
Deep blue skies...
                                      ...with powerful clouds.
Time for bonfires* ...
                                                ... pumpkins too!
 Amazing Autumn...
                                                     ... come and see!*
   Planning Ahead----
                                            ---Saturday, 10/6 & 10/14
 - As we approach the time to come indoors, close down seasonal homes, or make way for winter gear, it means de-cluttering. One way the Island is helping is by providing these two days to drop off some debris we find in our basements, sheds, and garages. Check out the boxholder above.
Wherever you are, take time to enjoy and have a great week!
*Thanks to Island visitors Pam DeVos & Ginni Glass for these Autumn tinged photographs.