Foggy...Windy...Eerie...Halloween is Coming


Nature was turning spooky recently with lots of fog on the Island.*The entry listed above does not describe me...other folks, like Lew, enjoy the eeriness of Halloween...on the Island...(The zombies were great over the weekend!) ... or anywhere, for that matter.

The pieces of "Halloween" we see on the Island in Nature? That...I do like! *

Amazing! * 

That's no Halloween clip art! Take a closer look at this photo of dew on a spider web courtesy of Dawn Kopp, USFW - Midwest.

Some things...like a life saving station......or a fish tug...can seem spooky just by moving to black & white.

 Other Halloween events are just fun...Another idea? 


On a different note...tick-tock...time change is coming...Sunday, November 3...sigh.

...and a great week!


*Anna Gibson Photos


Pheasants = Phun ... er...Fun...

I like Facebook.

Used in an appropriate amount, Facebook can be a lot of phun...er, fun. This all started because of a phun post from Margaret Foss a week or so ago. "I see Phred...and Phelix, the pheasants, have returned to their phall home - our pharm. Oh, and now I see Phyllis...the phemale pheasant phriend, my phavorite"...

Doesn't take much to have a good time this phall...Playing havoc with spell check, that's for sure.Looks like the phamily also visited nearby at neighbor Melody Walsh's home. These phantastic pheasant photos were captured by Melody. Thanks to both Margaret and Melody for letting me put this together.

As the evening went on, more and more folks posted  their phunky comments along the same line...I like the simplicity in this moment...observing...capturing...communicating ...

...how such a little thing could make so many of us smile. I think the ability or chance to observe simple things is one of the neat things about living here as the quiet starts to set in... Hopefully, if we can take a moment to enjoy the little things...wherever we are...Life will be better...at least, I think so.

Details...think simple...something to think about...

A sentiment from longtime Island visitor, Grace Lee Gardner.  

Coming Up...

Time to sort...stow...share.

Trinity will be hosting the Annual Island Clothing Rummage Sale soon. Please bag and bring your unwanted clothing including shoes, hats, jewelry, and costumes to the Fellowship Hall starting any time after 12 noon, Sunday, October 20th.

Saturday October 26 will be busy...

Michael Perry @ 4:00pm Trueblood Performing Arts Center


The Spine Tingling Farm of Fear AND The Spooktacular Family Fun Fair. 

We take Halloween seriously up here! 

Have a great week!

It's in the Details...

The last couple of weeks have been a blur ...

a wonderful blur...but a blur...

Fall colors continue...yes, it has been windy...

amazing how some leaves... & color! remain ...

people visit ... events are observed.

Due to that blur, I find I have missed some of the delicate pieces - the details - that make these days significant. Whether it might be observing the blacksmith devoted to his task at the Farm Museum...*

Observing a tiny piece of Nature.
These little things are important. In a way, they may help one keep perspective.


Some little things can be silly.

Who knew there is/was a Gnome in the bell tower at the Art & Nature Center... catching a butterfly no less? I guess I must have kept my nose to the ground (all Summer).  Saw this little one as I was out checking out the Fall colors

  Sometimes details are not so little...

Friday was a beautiful day. Since one never knows how many days like this are left, we did what any boater would do and took off for a ride. At about 3 pm, we saw the McMullen & Pitz derrick barge assisted by the tug William C. Selvick coming into the channel at Detroit Harbor. It could be it is here to replace the Coast Guard dock. 

Details - Housekeeping category - Time to clean out your closets and donate to the community clothing sale and clothing drive. In the words of Gloria Small (in a release to the Observer), "We accept clean usable clothing, shoes, boots, costumes, jewelry, and hats." Drop-offs (@ the Trinity Social Hall) will begin on Sunday, October 21. Questions? Call Gloria @ 847-2353. Volunteers are needed to sort, sell, and pack up the leftovers for donation off-Island. Proceeds fund youth activities such as the Wednesday High School Breakfasts and the Annual Habitat for Humanity work trip in June. The sale runs from Thursday, October 25 through Saturday, October 27. 

Details - Shopping! Wednesday October 17

 A book set on Rock & Washington Island, American Girl Stories, and a Sale...  Islandtime Books and More:  9:30 am - 1:00 pm The shop celebrates the last day of the 2012 season with a guest appearance by author Kathleen Ernst whose latest mystery is set on Rock Island - In addition, Ernst has written numerous American Girls books the latest being the Caroline series. Open daily up to and including the 17  with the end season sale continuing. (Ernst will be making an appearance Tuesday evening at Women's Club to be held this month at Findlay's Holiday Inn.)

Details - Shopping - Part 2 (Planning Ahead Dept.)

The Christmas Shopping continues at the Silent Auction. It is a hidden gem of opportunity! Mark your calendars and plan to attend. Sponsored by Washington Island Preschool.


Details - Movie Dates @ the TPAC

October 10/20 The Avengers

October 10/27 The Artist

Details can be tiny or large, camoflaged or quite visible. 

Wherever you are, check out the "details" around you, and have a great week!

 * blacksmith photo by V. Glass

**"found nail" photo by P. DeVos