It's Starting!

Shhhhh ....   Colors are coming...                  
                                           ... cool, crisp evenings.
Deep blue skies...
                                      ...with powerful clouds.
Time for bonfires* ...
                                                ... pumpkins too!
 Amazing Autumn...
                                                     ... come and see!*
   Planning Ahead----
                                            ---Saturday, 10/6 & 10/14
 - As we approach the time to come indoors, close down seasonal homes, or make way for winter gear, it means de-cluttering. One way the Island is helping is by providing these two days to drop off some debris we find in our basements, sheds, and garages. Check out the boxholder above.
Wherever you are, take time to enjoy and have a great week!
*Thanks to Island visitors Pam DeVos & Ginni Glass for these Autumn tinged photographs.