Catching Up


In the English tradition today is known as "Boxing Day". It grew from a tradition of employers giving staff gifts of food etc.  It seems a good time to catch up with you followers of island mettle. It’s a good time to share some of the holiday happenings on Washington Island this past month.


Just after Thanksgiving, Daniel Nerenhausen returned to set up his shop at the Red Cup. 

Photo: Christine Anderson

Photo: Christine Anderson

Then another tradition occurred December 9: the Cookie Walk at Bethel Church. 

Photo: Christine Anderson

Photo: Christine Anderson

There was a bigger cookie selection this year!  Delicious result for all and a warm thank you to Bethel Builders!


Another lovely sight : Around Gills Rock over the weekend? We drove by on a mid-December Sunday and found this place open! Owner says he is open Saturdays and Sundays this Winter. 


Fresh baked goods Saturday, soup too. What is left is half price on Sunday.


Cars come and go. Some days the ferry crew shows their true talent of packing a ferry as efficiently as possible; although there are fewer runs, everyone has been able to get where they need to be. There has been much to watch! 


Lots of digging but lots of waiting, too. .


Patience, waiting for a window in the wind and weather to install the replacement cable from Northport, has truly been a challenge. 


Kudos to the workers on the project.


The weather did relent and the installation was completed. December 15 was the Island’s lucky day! Please go to the Washington Island Electric Cooperative’s Facebook page to see some great videos of this action. The water was so calm and weather was quite nice.  Here’s one:


On the other side of the Door there is much happening as well. It is the off season. In some ways, as we know, it is the time things get done.  In Sister Bay, Piggly Wiggly is getting a makeover.


It hasn’t stopped business. In fact, it is fun to stop and see the progress.


Challenging but normal life continues inside while work goes on all around, inside and out. 


Several towns are undergoing infrastructure updates this Winter. It is just beginning.


This activity was captured in Ephraim.  


It didn’t hold up traffic.  


Work expected to commence in Fish Creek could be a problem starting in approximately March. 


The Fish Creek work will cause north and south traffic to be rerouted with traffic to the north directed on one alternate route and traffic to the south on another road. Start times at the High School may be adjusted. There is more to come on this. Please follow local papers. Here is one article from the Peninsula Pulse.

Photo: Emily Small

Photo: Emily Small

Back on the Island, the field at the ball park has undergone its own transformation. This happened about December 9. The Lion’s Club did it again! What a great way to welcome Winter! 

From Emily Small:

“First blades to test the rink. It’s as good as it looks! So awesome-big thank you to the Washington Island Lion’s Club. A lot of fun will be had this winter thanks to you guys.”


Over the last month, waiting for the ferry at Northport, the clouds have been lovely. The ferry schedule continues to wind down and there are fewer and fewer runs on the schedule - four each way right now -  yes, even though the schedule changes to two each way on January 4, reservations are required now! Don’t take a chance. Don’t miss the boat.  Call ahead.

Photo: Judie Yamamoto

Photo: Judie Yamamoto

I close with a striking image I first saw November 12.  

“Icicle sculpture outside my dining room window, every day different, every day beautiful!” When asked about this composition, artist Judie says icicles on windy days are more interesting, as they form on her tin roof. 

As this year comes to a close, may we all look forward to as much wind as we can handle in 2019.

May we see the beauty in Life’s changes.


Til next time .....