Green, Green & #137!

This week has gone quickly! The signs of Spring and Summer are evermore evident. For me, it is in the shades of green I see on my daily walks. Oh! There are other things which indicate we have turned a corner and made it to June as well. Yes, it's June!

The weather remains brisk and I relish the sun when it peeks out from the clouds these days. I have learned to drop everything and get outside when the weather allows.

Another sign of the season? The Albatross is readying for their opening. 

The signs are fresh and windows etc. are scrubbed. The "new this year" Tiki Hut serving wine and beer is coming along but a photo will wait until completion. Watch the island mettle Facebook Page for this as well as other Island openings.

Moving along down Main Road, the signs tell their story.  Graduation has moved back to the Community Center at the request of the Senior Class. When one has grown up watching graduates make that walk year after year down that center aisle, the wish of the  next graduate to make that same walk down that same aisle had to be granted.

Down the road a bit, Friday brought a change, a quiet one but significant.  After 29 fantastic years, Island Librarian Marcia Carr wrapped up her last day on the job..

True, it was business as usual for Marcia  albeit with a few treats.

While Marcia made her last trip to the ferry terminal to pick up the interlibrary system book order carton, the students from kindergarten through 4th grade slipped in to wish her well and increase the circulation numbers.

It seems safe to say that the Island children are a very special part of Marcia's life at the Library. She remembers her own visits  as a child to the library as well as the bookmobile when it made its appearance on the Island.

Her day turned out just the way she was hoping. Her "last day"request for as many people as possible to visit the Library and check out materials came through with 137 visitors (high for a normal Friday afternoon). She says numbers on books, media, etc. checked out will have to wait for the monthly system tabulation but she reports that lots of things flew out of the library, that's  for sure!

Thank you Marcia for creating a place that excites us with new ideas, encourages creativity, and provides us with comfort and warmth! We look forward to meeting our new librarian who will be moving to the Island from Illinois and starting in the position on Monday.

Greenery? Oh yes, there is a bit of that too along the roadways in fact, all over the Island. In some ways the richness of the greens are a bit overwhelming after the dull bareness of a struggling Spring. The trillium are giving way to Columbine ...

... and ladies slippers.

as well as other striking native cultivars. One doesn't have to walk too far to see the changing scene on the Island.

Til next time!