November, it's in the clouds & the gales

The day I last posted, I noticed the clouds. Had been noticing the sky in that last post. However, those clouds  were becoming a bigger thing.

The clouds had to wait, until now.

As November has come on, weather has been both brilliant and dismal. Clouds have been a constant...pretty impressive, too.

Photo: Melinda Ellefson

Photo: Melinda Ellefson

It started with Melinda capturing  the skies at the North end of the Island. It's funny but I don't always think about going all the way to Jackson Harbor so when Melinda posted it, I was reminded that Jackson Harbor Soup was still open. Yes, the view was great and so was the soup.

Photo: Melinda Ellefson  

Photo: Melinda Ellefson  

Not only was it Jackson Harbor, it was morning. Close to sunrise, I think. I'm not partial to that time of day. I sure am glad Melinda was out and about as that setting was just beautiful!

Photo: Melinda Ellefson

Photo: Melinda Ellefson

Thanks for letting me share your images, Melinda!


The kinds of clouds may have varied but they were everywhere. Maybe because the leaves were fading and less impressive so they were more noticeable. Maybe, because I was looking for them. It could be that even though the scenery was in color, Nature seemed more black and white so little bits were noticeable.


Quieting down? That could be it. So some things start to stand out. Some things get done, too.


It looked like some of the loading areas at the ferry dock were getting in shipshape order with posts and tires being replaced. It is that time of year. November brings along that edgy change. The song about the Edmund Fitzgerald is true. Watch out!  Time to get prepared.


Varied? Oh yes! One day it was like this on Main Road clear, vacant, still.


The next day it turned cold. The last plants came inside or perished. It still looked inviting outside as a few trees held onto their leaves a bit.


Temps continued to fluctuate and one morning a bit of snow descended. I am not sure we were ready for it.

Photo: Lew Clarke

Photo: Lew Clarke

There were those clouds again and that nearly black and white contrast. 

Photo: Melinda Ellefson  

Photo: Melinda Ellefson  

The snow was pretty though and not too long lasting.  


Although, more came over the weekend.

Photo: Barb O’Connell

Photo: Barb O’Connell

Then Tuesday afternoon, Barb saw that the tug Undaunted and its barge the Pere Marquette 41 had taken shelter in Washington Harbor. I did check and the wind was due to come from the south. Given that this vessel had started life in 1940 as the City of Midland 41 rail car ferry and is now an open deck barge and November is upon us, seeking safe harbor might be a good idea for her. (Her story is really interesting. Brian Ferguson has a detailed history worth reading. I found it - of course - on Boat Nerd!) Part of her conversion for her second life  occurred right at Sturgeon Bay in 1998.


So the weather is up and down, warning us to be ready. The gales are eminent and we do need to respect them. Hunker down. But do keep observing as there are things to be seen wherever you are if one just notices.

As the sign at the school says,  

Keep warm! 

’til next time!