October ahhh ...

October has come and gone. It's history. The colors live on and are worth recording. Whether on the Island or on the peninsula, Autumn hit in October.


Fewer boats now, of the motorboat kind as well as the Ferries themselves for that matter. A new schedule started this week- only six round trips per day. Check the ferry schedule before arriving at Northport.


This year the colors seemed to come on more slowly, more gradually. Perhaps, I was impatient. However, every year is different.


Color ... change ... was there when there was time to look. October - thankfully - was a month where that's possible.

There was a blast of gold along Lobdell Point Road.


The sunlight helped the color pop along the road.


More hues appeared further along the way. It must be further into the month as the Albatross' sign  has vanished.


Main Road had it's own color act happening in  mid October. 

IMG_2804 2.jpg

The Baseball Field  although quiet was framed with some lively leafed trees.


In checking with Donna Breisemiester, Music in the Schools educator, it seems the time is indeed different -7:30 rather than 7:00- this coming Sunday. About nine students who are learning to play will join the Concert Band for one number in the evening performance. In rechecking signs around the Island, island mettle has updated here and through the Face Book Page. Given the foliage is greener, the photo above was taken earlier in the month and timing like colors as well as  the wind can change things!


 Regarding color, one thing I have noticed was the changes of Autumn were most noticeable when looking straight up especially when we had that lovely blue sky as a backdrop.

To do that though, one has to pause and take a break. What a lovely idea! The Island is a great place to do that. The colors continue to evolve here. Stop, gaze, and breathe! 

'til next time ...