Oh dear ...


Oh dear, it just happened...

I saw my first "Back to School" commercial this morning. Granted, I retired from a teaching career several years ago, that little tv moment still sent an involuntary jolt/shudder through me. We are most fortunate to have many summer visitors who have a connection to education. It may be the contemplative aura of the Island and consequently, the Cottage. Never thought our place would draw such a consistent stream of people from a similar background.   I have been so happy to provide folks (with such challenging careers) this enriching, relaxing spot.

However, the calendar continues to read "July" and therefore I prefer to look into the coming week(s) and take note of some interesting happenings. We are so fortunate to have such talented people on the Island. 

Friday, August 3 - Bob Wang, folksinger & guitarist, returns to the Red Barn for his 3rd performance - 7:30 pm.


Saturday, August 4 - Scandinavian Dance Fest - The hard work of weeks of practice will be showcased on the outdoor stage at the Community Center. Bring a chair, a blanket or both at 7:30 pm!

 Monday, August 6 - The Washington Island Music Fest begins its 21st season with an opening concert and reception - 7:30 pm w/ a preconcert talk @ 7:00 pm.  (Okay, I know this "illustration" might be a bit much but, when I saw Fest Manager Joanne Jack's post yesterday, I couldn't resist sharing it! It is her homage to the Fest Chorus. More on their concert in a future post.)   washingtonislandmusicfestival.com

My highest regards to you  educators out there. I do ask/suggest that you take a breath and continue to enjoy these glorious Summer days. May they give you the necessary fuel to forge ahead in your endeavors.