Dorothy & the Other Woman

It has been an interesting week...
 Most of you who read these Posts or set foot on the Island, know Dorothy. 

Dorothy is Lew's 1930 Ford Truck...she has her following.However, as Summer starts to head this way...Dorothy has had to contend with a little competition...that would be Mockingbird aka the "Other Woman".

Funny thing, as Lew prepared to bring in Mockingbird for her "commissioning"...Dorothy wouldn't start.

She just would not budge... finally, serious measures were applied. (What would we do without our tractor?)

When I opened the garage next morning it seemed that Mockingbird  was indeed entrenched in prime territory...poor Dorothy (sigh). 


It's indeed Memorial Day weekend...restaurants & other Island businesses  have opened &/or moved to full time schedules! Danish Mill is on a 7 day schedule...Shipyard's Sailor's Pub opened its doors on Thursday...Karly's Cellar Restaurant opened Friday...KK's restaurant is also an active place.Down the road, the Red Cup is open into the afternoon...Kathleen has opened her Island Time Books Shop - it's her 10th season! The Island Bread Co. sign is up for the "Fresh Bread Today " announcement board by the road!New this year in this area...

Fragrant Isle's Lavender Cart serving several types of gelato and other culinary treats.


Van Gogh is coming to the TPAC this coming Friday. Here's one of his paintings.  Although it may not be a "known" work, A Girl in White in the Woods, reminds me of the Island.  (Oil on canvas 1882, Kroller-Muller Museum, Netherlands)

A Tribute to America!On Tuesday, June 4, there is a 2:00pm & 6:30pm performance scheduled @ the TPAC - Come see King George, Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, President Lincoln, and even the Statue of Liberty. America's Story is presented by the Third through the Sixth Grade and as the photo above indicates, they want YOU to attend! Looks like a lot of fun! (Photo - Corey Van Der Weele)

Have a great week!


Books... Reading Matters

It started snowing yesterday...what better time to sit back - at least for a moment - and lose oneself in a good book.I do love books...I prefer the ones I can hold in my hands but do see good in ebooks and Kindles. Winter is a great time up here to snuggle in and catch up on a good read. We are lucky to have a place where writers come to write as well. The Island can a reflective place...usually seen through artist's or photographer's eye but writers come too and some even stay.
One of the Winter activities to which I look forward is Door County Reads. Events for DC Reads will run from January 21st through February 16th.  Further information on the events held throughout Door County can be found here.  As in past years, a discussion will be held on the Island. The choice for 2013 has been announced: The Beekeeper's Apprentice...The Friends of Door County Libraries are providing books again...some time around 1/2/13.  Copies can be obtained by contacting Marcia Carr at the Island Library. I believe she is keeping a list of those interested in having a copy. I understand this book has a double plus for me. It is a mystery and Sherlock Holmes figures prominently. Holmes is a favorite of mine. I have good memories of spending one winter reading what I hoped was all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writings. Mysteries or Detective books are a nifty read of mine. Saw this recent Guide to Fictional Detectives on Abebooks. Fun to follow up and read a plethora from one author and the original cover art are fun to examine. Given that I found over 2200 copies of a wide range of titles for Sherlock Holmes alone, I think I could find a few more  "page turners"!
The Internet has broadened my search for interesting titles. The photo above as well as the illustration which starts this entry comes from Shakespeare & Company. It reminds me of my family's book shelves. I grew up in a home with lots of books...perhaps not as piled up as this photo but in a child's mind, it was close...still Mother loved to make regular trips to the library and I would go with her; her selection was eclectic. I remember Pearl Buck, Ilka Chase, and Adele Davis. There were many books set in far away places. Now, as I think about what looks/sounds good to me as the quiet season comes, I can understand why my mother liked to read about distant locations. It gives one's mind a break.

A good source to peruse for ideas is a link I found from the Sunday Book Review in The New York Times:  100 Notable Books of 2012 Always fun to have a new list of books! Being able to obtain this type of info through the Internet helps keep me connected and continue to enjoy my life on this Island. However, I do want to point out that The New York Times is available for purchase at Manns Store on Main Road as well on view in the Washington Island Library.  Lists...ideas...sources are  important at this moment as my Book Club meets soon to choose our monthly selections for 2013.I sometimes think the debate over book selection is better than reading those chosen.  Do you have a book to recommend?  I welcome suggestions. Book Club? Book Clubs?  Oh yes... actually there are several book groups on the Island at this point...all with a different focus and lively conversation.

So many good little time...where to start? Hmmmmmm...

Planning Ahead:

Reservation Season is upon us! Ferry Reservations that is! Don't Forget: If you plan to come to the Island from December 21 on thru March, reservations are needed. The reservation logs are out and in use. Do call!

Home for the Holidays - coming once again. Altho this event is on the Peninsula side it is worth thinking about and planning ahead...usually open, yes. go early to get a good seat...but then every seat is a good one when these folks play!

Have a great week!