all of the above

It has been a while since I have posted.

Therefore, many ideas for a today's title  come to mind:

A. Spring into Summer

B. Coincidences

C. Along the Way

So, that is why "All of the Above" fits best. 

I always feel that the people of the Island deserve a medal for making it through the Winter but actually, it seems, maybe making it through the cloudy times, the cold, brown times is more of a challenge. I was away for a good bit of that time but I have found the Island comes to mind fairly easily. On the trip North this Spring, there were places and coincidences that helped me remember.

In Georgia, we stopped in Cartersville. We wanted a layover to recoup from making it through Atlanta. The first thought was a good cup of coffee and the night before I had spied a possible place. (It turned out the coffee was excellent.)

Alas, that would have to wait because as we parked,  I saw a "good cause" shop right a across the street! (That's what I tell Lew when I see a resale shop. "Sweetie, we have to stop. It's for a good cause!") This one sort of reminded  me of the Twice Around Shop sponsored on the Island by the Detroit Harbor Ladies Aid. Looking forward to the opening of that shop this weekend. 

Further down the street, we saw a huge sign, the first of its kind the sign said.

I had to come back later to figure that out because also on that same wall  was something that struck  me as more of a surprise. 

Yes, the other half of the sign was much more interesting to me! For those of you who may not live on the Island, there is a set of Young Brothers here, too. They are builders. Who knew there would be another set of Young Brothers out and about?

The history of that store and those Brothers will have to wait til another time as we had to hit the road.

I can say that there was once a soda fountain in the store. Hence, the reason for the Coca Cola advertisement.


Further along, we stopped in Sevierville, Tennessee, a county seat with a vintage courthouse and a donut shop that was scrumptious.

Our local shops on the Island have trained me to seek out the independent gems in our travels and this "design your own doughnut" oasis is worth a return visit. Yes, Sevierville is also the hometown of Dolly Parton and Dollywood is near by however, her hometown continues to be charming along that historic downtown stretch rather than commercial. 

Back at Courthouse Donuts, what really interested me was a small sign overhead. It sure makes sense ... 

 to a degree.

Appreciate all the sights, events, places along the way as this season commences. As in: Don't miss the  lovely Forget Me Nots along Green Bay Road. They won't last long. 

IMG_2394 2.jpg

Do stop and take a breath along the way to appreciate the beauty this Island has to offer. We are lucky to have it ... to be here... to share it. Enjoy!

'til next time!