Hygge & the time change...

The clocks changed this weekend but I can't say there has been much more sun. It is March.

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It has snowed a bit lately on the Island and a layering of grays add to the blacks and whites of the color photos I see at this time of year. I have been reading about a concept  originating in Denmark called Hygge. Pronounced "HOO-gah" like an old time truck horn, Hygge translates roughly to "coziness".  

Hygge is taking hold and while it is largely considered a Winter activity,  it's focus on among other things. knitting, nature, warmth, and community building does suit the Island at this time of year. 

Food and drink figure highly in Hygge. Coffee is a good part of that picture. When I found this (new to me) coffee shop on another island - Key West - it reminded me of the good coffee we have on Washington Island.  Our Island coffee houses and pastry shops remind me to continue to seek out independent local places as we travel. While there is usually a unique find along the way, it does cause me to miss the places we have the Island.

A good book is also part of the quiet time for both Lew and me. His likes continue to fall along Island interests even when he is shopping for reading material in a different neighborhood.

I ventured into a name bookstore searching for a book club title or two and look what I found? Nick Petrie's new book! Admittedly, it is nice to see a sort of  Island connection in a strange store all the way off in Florida. The best to Nick on the publishing of this second book in his Peter Ash series. I bet his books will continue to be available at Fair Isle Books this summer. In fact, I think ordering is possible now through  the shop on the Fair Isle Website.

Following Hygge means being aware of Nature. I have to admit I took a little detour to enjoy a bit of Nature albeit indoors recently. The event was the Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I wanted warmth, color, and earthy aromas. It did not disappoint.

Oh! The color, the patterns, the varieties, I was pleasantly surprised. 

One thing that surprised me was seeing similar orchids to ones I have noticed on the Island, Lady's Slippers would be an example. Hard to believe they were nearly extinct in Britain when I think of ones I uncover under clumps of leaves on the Island. At least, similar ones.


This lovely had the title:  Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Egyptian Mau. I can see why Nature adds so much to art as inspiring vibrant patterns were so evident in the show. It is ending at the end of this month. Worth a look. The patterns remind me of the weaving patterns we often see at Sievers School of Fiber Arts on the Island.  The creations that come out classes happening there are amazing! Things are gearing up with the publishing last month of this season's catalog in print and  online. Registrations and preparations are keeping things busy over there.

Outside in the Garden, I saw this. No, I did not get it's name/type although I can say it looked like a small tree. This one will be on my desktop as a sign things will change,  maybe not soon but change will come.

As I was leaving, I glanced down to see this little one struggling to open up. It was sunny that day but cold, still cold. Lew says there were shoots coming up outside the Bank. At least, he saw them before this last snow.


Lew was on the Island this past weekend. He left this morning. He says ice was minimal in the channel although given the recent chill, skim ice was present for the 8am ferry run. He felt the conditions were just about what they always are this time of year. So, no new photos. Sigh, I use a photo from a year ago post. A nice one though.

Photo: Susan Ulm

Photo: Susan Ulm

However, photographer Susan Ulm came through again today. This (somewhat plump) cardinal is shown guarding not one but two bird feeders today. Her photos remind me the latest issue of the Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands Newsletter is out with all sorts of activities planned for this Summer. The event that tweeked my curiosity is a planned Migratory Bird Fest, June 3 & 4. For more information, see the newsletter.

Photo: Susan Ulm

Photo: Susan Ulm

It doesn't look like anything or anyone is getting close to this bird's's stash.  Nature is what it is on the Island. At this time of year, the concept of Hygge still works. Maybe Hygge is even more necessary now to help till Spring decides to warm things up a little .

Photo: Susan Ulm

Photo: Susan Ulm

Things are looking up. Is that blue sky?

til next time .....