Washington's Birthday

It's been a while. However, yesterday was a special day and therefore time to get posting again!


Traditionally, February 22 celebrates Washington's Birthday which also means it's time for the Annual Island Winter Gathering i.e. the Winter Picnic for those of us down Florida way. Now the Island attitude toward weather did not let us down ... while the weather was doubtful, we all pushed on. As we traveled, guess what? The clouds parted and blue skies appeared. 

As we hit Naples, it was indeed sunny. But the planners had left nothing to chance.

Even our welcome sign was weatherproofed! The potluck was great and the entertainment was so much fun.

Cynthia Bowen was on her game. Her trivia questions were tough. We upped our knowledge of Island history!


Donna Russell was working hard not only on those questions, she also produced a show that called for three husband and wife teams.

Husband Larry Russell served as the host for two rounds of questions. No, I am not sharing the questions but do know the togetherness of these teams with 40 to 50+ years together were put to the test. But then we all were!

I will say one of the best parts for me was catching Lou Small smiling. Congratulations to Lou and Gloria for a first place finish! Gloria also did a fun trivia segment as well!

Our thanks also goes to Grace Ann Carpenter. She  has a way of making this event happen. Thank you, Grace Ann!

We had a great time!

Given that beautiful sky on the way back to our Winter home, the spirits whether it be (George) Washington or the ancestors who have made the Island the place that it is, seemed to assure us that this day was indeed special. 

See you next year! 

til next time.