Happy Anniversary!

I was a little late arriving at the Sunday afternoon Music Fest concert but good fortune shined and what a sight I saw!

I smelled it first as the breeze was in the right direction as I rounded the corner...a confection aroma!

Connie Westbrook and her teammate, Cheena Wade were putting the finishing touches on tower centerpieces filling them with nearly 300 cupcakes.

The intermission highlight was in celebration of the Festival's 25th anniversary. Connie reports that she is indeed thankful for her army of bakers who made this possible!

Thanks again, Ladies! This is just one element in a major undertaking known as the Washington Island Music Festival. There is a strong group of people who manage to produce a remarkable series of programs over two weeks time. 


Sunday's program is the halfway mark.

There is a lecture by cellist Scott coming, the children's Music Camp - & Concert, more Red Barn talks, another concert on Friday and of course Under the Big Top next week with Julian and Cindra.

Along the way, take a moment to review the list of all the people who have worked in some way these past 25 years to make this festival what it is. There is a thorough cumulative list in this year's program that is definitely worth a look.

The hard work of these individuals is an example of what makes this Island what it is. There are many events that would not be possible if the community did not pitch in. Art in the Park and Death's Door Barbecue are just two examples that come to mind.

Summer is exciting and fun but it is also a challenge. There are events like these but there  are also a core of people that keep the day to day elements running smoothly on the Island. Island teacher Margaret Foss reminded us Saturday on Facebook  that it's August and folks are tired. Hang in there. You are appreciated! Thank you! 

So true.

til next time ...





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