And then there's this ...

It is August and the sunsets and the sights continue to be amazing! With so much happening, am letting the photos tell the story here.

Photo: Gloria Small

Photo: Gloria Small

The sunsets this week have been amazing. Several photographers were able to catch Nature's artistry.

Photo: Rachel Schwandt. 

Photo: Rachel Schwandt. 

Monday, Monday.

It's Figenschau, too! 


The pace is picking up though. The stage is set for "Under the Big Top" tonight @ 7:30.

A reminder, Dave Raup's exhibit closes this Saturday at the Art and Nature Center.

And then Island Players has their tent set up over at Jackson Harbor with their show opening Friday. I see that Jackson Harbor Soup & Sandwiches will be open prior to the performances on both Friday and Saturday. Come a bit early and enjoy a tasty beverage and a snack before "Seascape".

Folks may remember Pastor Frank when he served at Trinity. Well, Frank and Mary's daughter, Katie, has authored a book. Grandson Ivan has some illustrations in it as well. While the signing at Fair Isle is scheduled for Saturday morning, I am hearing Katie may be here Friday. Please call Fair Isle Books to check.

Just saw this ... on Saturday morning.

Then, there's the Island Fair with all of its fun and excitement. 

The parade, the exhibits, the food, oh my!  Come and share some good times!

@ TPAC on Saturday night...


The Archives holds forth in the afternoon. Attendance was high last year for Will Craig's presentation. This one should be interesting, too.

Thought I would pass this along. Meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday.

With so much going on, sometimes we only get a glimpse of the sunset as I did last night on the west side.

Also on the west side...Photo: Anna Gibson

Also on the west side...Photo: Anna Gibson

Do take that moment though, reset, and enjoy what August has to offer.

Have I forgotten something? Probably. If so,  my apologies.* It may be August but the Island continues to hum.

til next time ...

*Sorry FOPPI, those public access days are this weekend aren't they?