a Happening ... Island Style!

In the Summer, Sunday is the day I putter around the flowers, deadheading and straightening up. But as yesterday wound down, I remembered something was going on at Lyons Isle Vineyards. The Community Concert Band was giving its concert!

The Community Band tends to grow in membership in the Summertime and this year it is bigger then ever. The weekly practices at Trinity Church paid off for the attendees in an hour-long Concert.

A large turnout on a cloudless afternoon meant much support for this rather new organization. One of the offshoots of the Music Festival, the group is multigenerational in nature, (Yes, they are always looking to welcome new members!)

It was set in a beautiful location through the gracious invitation of (Band Member) Tim and Julie Lyons. I was thankful Dan Hansen had the advantage of sitting up higher in the bed of his truck to get a snap for me of the Vineyards surrounding the crowd!

Fun to see all ages at the concert!


The event was a true team effort. Yes, a band can made a pretty sound but a sound system makes it even better. The figure in the center - with his pale denim shirt/back to the camera is Emmett Woods, lighting and sound expert here on the Island. Through his efforts, a sound system was set up and enhanced the performance!

The afternoon was also a farewell performance for Jordan Harris, musician and master of many jobs who we have come to know on the Island. 

Artistic Director, Donna Briesemeister and Conductor, Tom Noonan bid Jordan farewell on behalf of the band and the Island community. Flutist, Jim Morris served as emcee introducing the musical selections.

Future musicians, who knows? There is always a lot to see and do at an outdoor concert!



I saved this quote/post from the Door County Music Insider back in 2013. It was true then and certainly fits what  happened yesterday afternoon. Thanks to all who made this event possible!

Lots of music happening on the Island, well there always is but a special series opens tonight. The Washington Island Music Festival opens its 25th Season! All is in readiness for two weeks of a variety of music events. Peninsula Pulse has a nice article in its newspaper with more information.  

I have a quick summary "tacked" up on my refrig. "Enlarge"  to find critical info such as time, place, and pieces to be played.


til next time!