Happy Friday…Happy Pet Day!

I decided to switch it up and post on a Friday...It's National Pet Day Woo! Hoo!

 There are some pretty cute ones here on the Island. Susan Ulm's Bosin is so darn photogenic!

...from Sue Cornell.  What is it about a snoozing dog? So sweet...

I found Kate's Cowboy in his special place one afternoon resting up for his trip out West.

Here's Steve & Laura Waldron's ever curious Chelsea, checking out some new smells and sights...

... Gene & Mary Jean Callahan's  ever companionable Hannah.

Some pets become familiar because they visit with their families. These two lovelies are part of Music Fest's Mike and Julie Thornton's family...not sure if this was before or after they ate my slice of pie...this is when pet's can look sooo innocent. Can't they?

Gibby West, Island regulars Kim & David West's latest addition has that look...I have it on good authority he is not quite ready for the Island...not just yet.

Love this perspective of Diana Haskell's Sally last Fall.

I could go on and on. Pets are so special to us, aren't they? Send me your pics...

Love your pets and have a great weekend!