Rock on...

 I had a whole different idea for this week's post.

It wasn't coming together...lots of info...just wasn't working...these things happen.

It did snow...but as I look back, I see this is more of a pattern than a one time thing. Looks like a Northwest wind to me.

As often occurs when I let my mind open a little wider, something pops up...even in this dull & dreary time of year. This time was no different...amazing! Rock Island has kept placing in that contest I mentioned last week...kind of cool, too! Not only news, but time requires the post come out a day earlier!

I think this is the fifth round. I do know it's the Final Round. So it seems a good time to remember some summertime adventures we have all had in this neat place. Can't you just feel it? (Melody Walsh Photo)

 How many of us have walked this path? (Pam DeVos Photo)

We all have our own memories. Now it's time to help Rock Island be recognized for the hidden gem it is. Maybe others will discover it through this campaign. I do think it will maintain its charm. (Melody Walsh Photo)

For me, my mind always goes back to the times we would sail to Rock Island and get to enjoy a special sunset. With its remoteness, the uniqueness that is Rock Island will be able to continue.

Don't forget to vote ... today and on Monday the 7th til midnight using the link mentioned below or using this mobile-friendly link: vote daily and share...spread the word...Rock on! Oh, there are prizes, too! For more info and a link to the contest, click here. (Initial image: Jim Johnston)

Other Happenings this Week:

Danish Mill reopens this Friday!

Fellowship at Trinity next Sunday...

Have a great week!