Ice Out?

Sort of hard to believe I am talking about ice ... in April ...

 ...but that's the way it is sometimes on the Island. It's been a little bit of everything this week...a snowstorm hit (again) Monday with a bit more as the days wore on...

The ice continues...smooshed into parts of the various harbors although it is starting to darken and lose it's jagged shape. Despite the weather, there is activity on the Detroit Harbor Navigational Channel Dredging Project.

WIFL has been granted an extension and the project has been broken into three phases, with one phase finishing before the next one can be started. Over 50% of the project was completed last December. The project has been accelerated in the hope that completion will occur before July.

 Although action has started  @ the Soo Locks , the ice that had been broken up by the Coast Guard continues to freeze over causing some vessels to be "stuck" in it made me wonder when, in past years, ice has moved out...totally. (Susan Ulm photo) 

 Here's a view of the stack up at St. Mary's River as of the evening of 4/17...all freighters plus three ice breakers. (Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association)

 Wondering about ice out history, I spent several afternoons at the Archives in the Community Center.

 The redecoration of the adjoining Rutledge Room has made this a wonderful place to spend some time. When I think how often and how varied these seats will be used, it is great that they are so comfortable!

 Through research at the Archives, I came upon past issues of  Bethel Tidings. In an issue dated April 30, 1972,  I found ice out dates around April 24. In that same issue I also found a note that Butch & Lorel Gordon were to be married on May 14...hmmm. 

Why not ask? Sure enough, Lorel did say there was ice around in 1972 - ice shoves:" My dad took photos on our wedding day of ice along the west side shore! But inland it was a sunny, no snow, warm day. How interesting!" Here's Howard Scott on the west side this week. (Thanks for the share, Joanne Jack.)


It was Lorel who mentioned that  south of Plum Island the ice has also shoved up into huge banks as a result of Monday's storm.

So when Lew went off Island Tuesday, he took the camera along and was able to get these two images...yup, the ice shoves are above the tree line. This could take a dissipate.

 For the time being, Ken Koyen continues to fish the See Diver out of  Detroit Harbor......often following in the path of the ferry on its run to Northport. 

 Just last year, according to Tom Koyen, the See Diver was able to get into Jackson Harbor on April 19. How bad could it be? (Lew Clarke photo) Another late date I found in the Tidings: April 25, 1996 for fish tugs' return to Jackson Harbor..."At this writing, snow is falling and it seems winter does not want to leave." May 5, 1996 issue

Oops, more snow...sigh...sort of a daily thing. 

 Easter this year could be interesting. Wish I could credit this photo...found it at the end of March on Facebook...was hoping I wouldn't have to use it. Looking over the weather forecasts on the national news, it looks like we have all had our share of Winter.

I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day.

 Have a great week!