Moving along...

We have been fortunate to locate the Sun on a recent warm weather adventure.

Here is our image helps one to remember.  However, all things must come to an end.

 Landing at Chicago isn't such a bad thing. It allows one to see a bit of snow and feel a bit of cold to get prepared for the rawness to come further North. 

It allows time to get things a computer (thank goodness!), a Jeep, and more. The last few days have been jam packed!

On to Sturgeon we drove through town on Friday, we noticed other things being fixed. 

Crossing the bridge, a bit of smoke and steam from the winter fleet caught Lew's eye. He couldn't tell which boat it was.  However, we had time to take a look.

Yes, there was activity at the Shipyard.

The boat we had seen seen from the bridge was the Paul R.Tregurtha ... it had its steam up ... a little bit. Is it getting ready to leave? Hmmm...nothing on the illustrious resource yet.

Also in winter layup are the  Hon. James R. Oberstar sandwiched in-between its Canadian cousins, Niagara and  and the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin.

 Repairs continue on the Wilfred Sykes.

 Finally, there is the poor old St. Marys Challenger.  After more than one hundred years steaming through the Great Lakes, she is being cut down to a barge. 

Interesting to see all the action on an otherwise cold, dreary day. 


Great to be back on the Island! 

While we've been away, the Island has been a happening place. 

To catch up, here are two excellent on this Article from the Green Bay Gazette website from Island Resident/Writer Mary Marik or on this Article posted on the Door County Daily News website written by Patricia Hewitt, Washington Island Observer, on a recent visit to  Island Teacher Steve Waldron's classroom. 

As I write this, the last rays of sunshine are ebbing away...bright and sunny in the 50's today!


An amazing change from -24 just a week ago. I know the temps will be back down in the teens by Wednesday...but then that's March...lots of ups and downs, weatherwise. It certainly was a glorious day!

Finally, here's another sign Spring is coming our way, well  Sturgeon Bay way today...yay!

Have a great week!