Island Time ...

It has been quiet this week...the school here is on Spring Break and many folks have been able to take a break from what continues to look like winter. A break from it helps to continue...  this week's temperatures continue in the 30's ... we have had a chance to take our break as well... this time, a return to another Island, Key West, as well as other stops in Florida. So, do be careful...

...these photos might be a hazard as the sight of warm places may be a shock to ones system.

It is always fun to find comparisons between Islands and we keep finding them. Pirates continue to be popular in Door County and in points's a universal.

I'll let you figure out which one of the above is the real pirate. Pastor Frank joined us during the trip. He hasn't changed much in his first Florida Winter since his retirement from Trinity Lutheran here on the Island. 

Another comparison? (Or maybe just because I miss the Red Cup) Coffee! At Key West, Coffee Plantation reminds me so much of the Red Cup. Just love those porches! This one on Key West is used quite a to enjoy another independent coffeehouse!

What else?  Fund Raisers!

At the grocery store in Key West, we happened upon a group of 8th graders raising money for their Washington D.C.  with a bake sale .. this one just happened to be outside rather than inside the grocery store...liked the red, white & blue color scheme...22 students will be on the trip.

Another Island similarity? Key Lime Pie! Frank worked hard in the hunt for the best Key Lime Pie.

However, after considerable research, I remain loyal to the version served right here at Sailors Pub.

Thanks to Andrea! Lucky to have this young lady - and her recipe - last summer on Washington Island! Hope she returns this year!

Small towns...small places... such environments have friendly, considerate people in common, too.

The first evening with Frank and Mary, we came upon a group of High School Seniors in need of a photo. Frank was happy to oblige...some things never change...thank goodness. 

A trip to an Island wouldn't be complete without a ride on a ferry...this one from Fort Myers to Key West was about a three hour ride...just vehicles...lots of people!

One last item...traveling allows me to compare how innkeepers design, manage, this case - albeit a lovely accommodation -  I think the person setting the tile must have been a little taller than me...did make me think about how others will perceive, manage, inhabit our Cottage. 

Have a great week!