Ummm...there seems to be a problem.

Creating, planning, and completing a blog post can be quite a challenge at times.

Every so often I have wondered when it will stall...when will the elements lose their balance...well, it has happened.

 I know how so many of the followers of this Blog love computer has decided to play havoc with mine. I really do think it has a mind of its own lately. Here's one photo -from Anna Gibson- as there has been much new snow this past least its prettier than city snow.


Right now, transmitting photos seems pretty impossible. The challenge of Island living interferes as well. That is, finding an Apple store will take time...even though I am off the Island...and on another one...but that is a story for another time. Until all is in alignment, a "Streamlined Version" will have to do. For now...


I believe the photo above is from the Buddhism Facebook just seems to fit...the way I feel and also the weather.

Have a great week!