The Signs on Main Road

It may be that traffic has lessened or school has started and there is less bustle about but there are times when all one has to do to see what is happening or what is coming up on the Island is take a drive down Main Road.

 Harvest Weekend Doings -

There may be more movies coming this Fall...Sievers Gathering will present the musical stylings of Cindra Hokkanen and Dan Hansen @ the TPAC on Saturday, September 22.

Signs of the times - Scholastic Book Fair - time to think Christmas Shopping.


a second look shows another Season is upon us:

 Hunting Season (Saturday was the opening day of Bow Hunting Season.) .... Look closely at the yellow hunting is allowed in the areas of the Clinic and the School. It may have always been there but I hadn't noticed it before.

Death's Door Pig Roast - September 22 @ KK Fiske...

...but then again, to me the hands down best place to check out signs may be where my ride ended:
the Bulletin Board @ Mann's Grocery Store!

Do note that I followed the road this time so events are spanning 2 weeks and not necessarily in chronological order.... Oh! and don't forget the Gathering Activities sponsored by Sievers coming Saturday, September 22 and Sunday September 23. There is a poster on that on the Board @ Mann's to check - just look up in the upper right corner.

So get out your calendars and make a few notes!

Almost forgot - Capital Brewery sponsored Harvest Fest '12 over this past weekend and introduced at that time a new label for its brew Island Wheat - the labels are still being "tweeked" according to company reps at the event. Here's what was displayed on Saturday afternoon.


Uniform six-pack holders, too. I guess the old ones will be collector items. I will miss them.



Have a great week!