Music Festival

Ebb. Flow. Go!

August continues...busy...a good busy...Some beach time is still possible even with all the activity...thanks to Crystal Johnson for sharing this lovely photo.

Music Fest: Week 2...More activities mean more rehearsals! open rehearsal for the Stravinski started the day...then, the Telleman...

Next...JS Bach...Brandenburg...a career in Music is not always exciting and glitzy, there is discipline involved... at rehearsals, the chemistry of the audience isn't there to encourage or appreciate...while their parents rehearse and perform...these children have been busy...Amanda,4 and Lauren,7 spent the past week picking thimbleberries, making treats, and creating that sign below. All the Goodies were part of the Lemonade Stand they staffed on Saturday afternoon...all proceeds will be donated to the Music Festival. This is the Thornton family's 12th season with the Festival.

Here are the girls along with their friend, Juliana. Also helping are Harper,2 and Stella,4...their Mom, Teresa Drews, is a pianist in her 4th year with the Festival...So neat to watch these children grow up as they return to the Island. To paraphrase Ham Rutledge, while the musicians are gifted performers, the Island has also enjoyed getting to know them as well on a "day to day basis" as the years have passed. Fun to see Emmy Tisdel performing this year. A student at Oberlin, Emmy has taken up the viola in addition to studying the violin. Children's Music Camp Starts Today! Children's Concert - Toy Symphony - Wednesday the 14th - 11:00am...see note above!



Tuesday - Michael Thornton - It's a multi-media presentation with demonstration, audience participation and a crazy/quirky collection of horns.  TPAC - 10:00am - All ages are welcome!

Thursday - Appreciate Music with violinist, Samantha George - Red Barn - 2:00pm 


"Under the Big Top" - A longstanding mainstay of the Festival program, join Cindra & Julian and a full array of Island talent!  School Green - 7:30pm

"And the World is but a Play" - closing concert with the Festival Chorus - TPAC - 7:30pm with a preconcert talk with Samantha @ 7:00pm

In addition...

Monday -

Larry Quick - TPAC on the Green - 5:00pm

Friday - 

Best of the Summer Jams - Timmy Lyons - Red Barn - 7:30pm

Saturday - 

Island Fair! - a parade, exhibits, food & Bingo, too - 11 to 4 - Parade at Noon...Sponsored by the Lions Club 

Sunday -

Rummage Madness - Check the bulletin boards around the Island for times- Under the Big Top on the school grounds

Oh my... did I say it was a busy week? It was and will be...but a good busy.Another beautiful sunset...have had some memorable ones this week...Christine Anderson took this photo, Friday I think...the clouds have really been amazing lately!

Have a great week!


It's that time again...the Music Fest is upon us.
But first, I have to say this Island is quite rich in gifted musicians of the local variety. Friday night, was a great example as we were treated to the Hansens: Next Generation down at the Red Barn...amazing!
Barbara and Ray Hansen have 20 grandchildren and most of them took part in this special evening. The young Hansens' Uncle Dan is the Codirector (along with Timmy Lyons) of the Red Barn. The young ones have grown up with a love of music, thanks in part to Dan.Here's a reprise of Faithful Friends, a group which included/includes several Hansen Ladies. The group formed on the Island during their high school years and continue to sing together at Island events.Young Jesse Hansen took his turn on the shared guitar...another talented representative of this next generation...getting more polished each time I see him.Okay, this may not be the best photo of Con and Ray but it does show that the house was packed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the variety of their music. Olivia played Chopin! Just as they supported those grandchildren who wished to learn to play piano...*Barbara and Ray also supported the development of the Music Festival from its beginning. They even held the Memorial Day Benefit Concert in their home for many years. So the night at the Red Barn seems a fitting way to start Scandinavian Weekend... and to  segueway into the first week of the 22nd season of the Washington Island Music Festival.Here is the Prometheus Trio + 1 performing in Milwaukee this Winter...just a few of the musicians who will participate in at least five concerts based at the TPAC. The range of music, runs from things classical to an evening of lively "Under the Big Top" funkiness next week on the 15th.

Red Barn Talks - 10:00 am Wednesday, August 7 &  2 pm Friday, August 9   

It is indeed amazing how these folks transport their musical wherewithal to the Island! I am sure glad they do! They make it all look so easy...just like those young Hansens did...fortunate to be able to hear such wonderful music...all on Washington Island!

In Addition...

Tuesday - 

"Quirky Card Making" - Katie West - Art & Nature Center - 1:00pm

Steve Waldron will present an introductory talk on Beekeeping - Art & Nature Center - 7:00pm

Friday - 

Matt Grandy & Steve Reiss - Red Barn - 7:30pm

Have a great week!


*Thanks to Elizabeth Hansen for the use of the Hansen family photo.

The Holidays...Hmmmm

The Holiday Season is moving along and lots of things are happening! The Christmas at TPAC Show was held this past Friday. Given the heart breaking tragic events at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut, we were indeed fortunate to gather as a community for this occasion.  The place was packed. Children of all ages performed....various ages of adults performed too.When children are part of the program, lots of people come out to cheer them on. The Preschoolers are a longtime favorite of mine so thought I would share a picture of them. Not only were they so cute, they sang well too! Jim Morris did a great job as the M.C.Tom Noonan's heartfelt presentation and rendition brought the audience to their feet! Tom was so right when he marveled at how this Island comes together to support and care for each other. It felt good sharing the evening. (fyi:A candle light vigil will be held to honor the Sandy Hook community at 6:00 pm Wednesday at the Washington Island School.After the Show, we decided to take a drive to see some of the Christmas lights.

Manns Store and the REA can always be counted on to add a little spirit. I do like the small lighted trees perched high above Main Road!Dave's Garage has a nice display but I could only capture a part of it.The Danish Mill is not to be missed...just think of the goodies that are waiting inside! I saw Patty Nikolai the other day and she says the Mill will continue to be open through December 29 (except Sundays) and after a brief break will be open in Mid-January to try out a Thursday through Saturday schedule this Winter.
As Christmas approaches, decorations comtinue to be found and displayed.  The funny thing is I have one taste in Christmas decor and Lew has another style...more traditional...the worst part is his appreciation of "regular" sized colored lights. He's the one who pulls out my Grandmother's ceramic I'm more of a tinsel tree type - now if I could just find the lights...I'm thinking white lights.

Planning Ahead

Okay, this photo comes not from the Island but from Polonius Sheet Music. I thought it would be a nice way to announce Winterfest, a concert sponsored by the Washington Island Music Festival, will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on Saturday December 29 starting at 5:30 pm. Music including Mozart, Bach, and seaonal favorites will be performed in the Trinity sanctuary. A buffet supper provided by volunteers of the Music Fest will follow in the Fellowship Hall. The public is asked to purchase their tickets at the door. $15 for ages 12 and above - $5 for ages 11 and under - If a ride is needed, call Joanne Jack (847-2453).

Take a breath...

hug/cherish those dear to you...

have a great week!


Good Times!

Yes, it is August ... and on the Island it means several things. Activity level has exploded - well, Island Style that is - for what I see as the last real burst of Summer fun up here. I hasten to add great things are coming; there is just a different seasonal "tinge".


• Red Barn Talks - 10:00 am Wednesday, August 8 &  2 pm Friday, August 10  Festival violinist and educator Samantha George will again offer her keen insight, wit, knowledge and enthusiasm as she discusses, demonstrates and invites your comments on composers and their works to be performed at the Music Festival. Refreshments will be available. Admission is free.

 There is more to share, more to see .... have to run ... so check the helpful links posted under "Information"!