It's that time again...the Music Fest is upon us.
But first, I have to say this Island is quite rich in gifted musicians of the local variety. Friday night, was a great example as we were treated to the Hansens: Next Generation down at the Red Barn...amazing!
Barbara and Ray Hansen have 20 grandchildren and most of them took part in this special evening. The young Hansens' Uncle Dan is the Codirector (along with Timmy Lyons) of the Red Barn. The young ones have grown up with a love of music, thanks in part to Dan.Here's a reprise of Faithful Friends, a group which included/includes several Hansen Ladies. The group formed on the Island during their high school years and continue to sing together at Island events.Young Jesse Hansen took his turn on the shared guitar...another talented representative of this next generation...getting more polished each time I see him.Okay, this may not be the best photo of Con and Ray but it does show that the house was packed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the variety of their music. Olivia played Chopin! Just as they supported those grandchildren who wished to learn to play piano...*Barbara and Ray also supported the development of the Music Festival from its beginning. They even held the Memorial Day Benefit Concert in their home for many years. So the night at the Red Barn seems a fitting way to start Scandinavian Weekend... and to  segueway into the first week of the 22nd season of the Washington Island Music Festival.Here is the Prometheus Trio + 1 performing in Milwaukee this Winter...just a few of the musicians who will participate in at least five concerts based at the TPAC. The range of music, runs from things classical to an evening of lively "Under the Big Top" funkiness next week on the 15th.

Red Barn Talks - 10:00 am Wednesday, August 7 &  2 pm Friday, August 9   

It is indeed amazing how these folks transport their musical wherewithal to the Island! I am sure glad they do! They make it all look so easy...just like those young Hansens did...fortunate to be able to hear such wonderful music...all on Washington Island!

In Addition...

Tuesday - 

"Quirky Card Making" - Katie West - Art & Nature Center - 1:00pm

Steve Waldron will present an introductory talk on Beekeeping - Art & Nature Center - 7:00pm

Friday - 

Matt Grandy & Steve Reiss - Red Barn - 7:30pm

Have a great week!


*Thanks to Elizabeth Hansen for the use of the Hansen family photo.