It has been two weeks since I started this post and two weeks since I started commuting to Sister Bay  for OT Rehab. Yes, I was apprehensive. But like so many trips... Serendipity steps in. Some pleasant happenings can/did occur along the way.

At this time of year as Life transitions to a different pace, one can take time to notice things that might have been missed a month or so ago.

That and the extensive roadwork on Rt. 42 right through Sister Bay made me take my time. Although the signage has improved since the last phase of roadwork, some extra time needs to be added to ones schedule.

I saw this flyer at the Rehab Center and the receptionist graciously offer to make me a copy. What I do find in traveling back and forth is that Rt. 42 through the center of Sister Bay has reopened around noon on Friday both weeks. As a result weekend traffic could be less hectic getting to the Island. Alas, I digress. 


Getting back to the topic of Food, the night before my first trip I saw a message on my FB feed for a bakery that was new to me. Given the detour issues, the location between the Pig and Scand rehab was convenient!


I found scrumptious treats including breakfast buns stuffed with cheese and sausage. The ginger snaps and a piece of chocolate cranberry biscotti made it into a take home bag. I had my reward for a good session ready for the ferry ride. 

Klaud's Bakery is worth a stop! I do suggest calling though for current hours as they seem to be closing earlier, say 2:00 pm at this time of year.


That first week the water was turbulent. It reminded me of Lew's trip over to Plum Island to transport materials and equipment on the 12th for the final Volunteer Workday for this year.

The wind was out of the North which is good, bad, and a bit challenging. The good part was that people were in the right place to make the short hop over to Pilot Island. The winds were pretty tempestuous and one needed to know the waters well. Lew went along in the new Fish and Wildlife boat and took some neat photos along the way.


 The men made some repairs to the summer kitchen fascia, main building fascia, light tower glass and patched holes in summer kitchen brick wall.


However, Lew seemed most interested in the lighthouse.


The boats docked at Plum received equal attention.


Fast forward to Friday the 25th and we were in the right place again or I should say Lew was. He came over an hour ahead to attend the 75th anniversary if the Washington Island Ferry Line held at Northport. I am sure there will be more photos to come but thought it would be nice to share  one here. Proclamations from the Governor as well as Door County were presented. The weather couldn't have been better. 

That's not all...there are a couple of upcoming events I want you to know about!


Island Players has asked me to note their upcoming workshops with Actor, Director, Producer and longtime Island devotee Mary Beidler Gearen coming Thursday and Friday.  The workshops held at the TPAC, are Free. Register at the door.


Don't forget to make your reservation for the Harvest Dinner. The seatings do fill up quickly!

... til next time.