Colors are Coming

We have been lucky. September was mild in temperature. So the rain lately? I will put up with it. Partly, because the cooler weather is easing me into Autumn colors. Partly, because the dark somber sometimes wet atmosphere makes those colors stand out to me.

                    Photo: Christine Anderson 

                    Photo: Christine Anderson 

Oh, the day may start off all right as this lovely view of the ferry dock shows. The blue of the sky seems more pungent, too.

The rains come and go. The Island needs it. Looking back it seems this time of year is often rainy.

The leaves do stand out on the road to the ferry. It will only get better.

The colors are starting on Main Road, too.

There are always other signs to notice and one doesn't even have to look too hard. 

The days are filled with cutting plants/herbs back, harvesting the last produce, and storing the seasonal bric-a-brac.

The good news? One doesn't have to cook breakfast. I think there might be Pancakes at the Firehouse. That would be Saturday 10/10. This is a conscientious, hard working bunch of people who are vital to the Island. A donation is a good thing whether or not Pancakes are consumed.

Dinner is also a reward after all that yard work is done this Saturday. The Annual Harvest Dinner is on at Trinity Church. I believe there may still be seats available at 4:30 and 7:30. 

Photo: Lew Clarke

Photo: Lew Clarke

While we change over to cooler weather, we also switch our clothes out so it is a good time to pull donations together for the Clothing Rummage Sale also held at Trinity 10/29.  Drop off of clothing et al - bagged if possible by type - is welcome starting on Sunday afternoon 10/25 (no housewares).  Call one of these lovely ladies - Gloria Small or Pat Clarke - if a different time is needed or see Marlene Mann at Mann's Store. That Social Hall is a busy place! 

Another update: Washington Island School is handling the update of the Island Telephone Directory to come out next year. Please pass along the info. above if there are changes to be shared.

Yes, the seasons are changing, bit by bit, along with other things on the Island. Harvest Weekend is a special time.

Todays the skies cleared and it was a beautiful day. Hope to have a few more like today.

As Autumn develops, the sun is setting on a special place on the Island. This is the last week for the folks at Sailor's Pub Restaurant. Reservations can be made for this last weekend by calling the Pub. Thanks and Best Wishes to Andy and Bonnie Munao!