team work, holiday style!

Had fun on Wednesday afternoon. Smiled a lot, too. So here is what I call a Speed Share. Quickly put together, on the run, and a bit fuzzy it is still a treat to see behind the scenes as one Island group gets ready for their part of a Holiday Treasure.

Excitement is in the air at the TPAC!

Preparations are underway for the "Home for the Holidays" Show coming this Saturday!

With the multiage group Island Players has put together, activity on the stage was nonstop.

Everyone had something to say and a job to do.  They were all on a mission that included a good bit of smiles and laughter.

The Players are producing their version of A Charlie Brown Christmas - and this is just one part of the show. Not sure if this is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the original broadcast but it sure is timely!

Riley Johnson is a key member of the production team.

She is in the thick of it! Her knowledge of acting as well as her ability to work with children is a real asset.

I was impressed with how well the actors took direction from the team...

...and how everyone pitched in to help.

So we may know the story but this version is special. The other talent in this variety show is pretty special, too.  Music from the Nutcracker, an appearance by the Community Band, more children and a Christmas skit produced by Donna Russell. All this and Julian, too. More information can be found in the latest Observer.

Hope to see you in a seat this Saturday at 7pm. 

...til next time.