Giving Thanks

I woke up. I can hear, see, and move fairly well.  I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I am thankful. Okay, I did find a version of this thought on Pinterest but it does ring true.

Challenges this year? Yes, there have been a few. But then, other years have been a challenge and all of us have had angst. Am I right?

Thankful? Grateful? Oh yes. This year the small things have become more important. Small vials, sample sized containers? There was a time I thought that type of container unnecessary. I have changed my mind and now see various sizes and - oh yes - tops that can be opened with one hand have their place. Those things allowed me more independence at a point when strength, agility, and pain caused limitations. I look at the range of sizes and options of dispensers differently now. 

In line with that, I pay tribute to those folks who allowed me to manage, to grow, to learn. To those people who taught me what I needed to know. (Thank you Scand Rehabbers and your beautiful facility!) To those who provided equipment that helped Life be more normal. (Thanks to WICHP and that equipment stash!) Heck, thanks to the little elf that kept all my things handy, filled and accessible! 

Thank you to Mother Nature. Life is never boring where she is concerned! Summer moved into Autumn and the colors, foliage et al,  really does/did  lift ones spirit. I didn't need to look far to see changes to pique my interest...some good and some not so. But She is like that. We are in November now and that means colors are meager and the winds are strong. The seasons move things along and that also encourages me to face a challenge or two again... gradually. After all, that tree we found in front of the garage as we arrived back on the Island last week wasn't that bad. It fell clear of the roof. It missed Lew's truck and Dorothy (Thank Goodness!) was tucked away. Thank you Mother Nature for giving us what I/we could handle.

In the light of day, perhaps that tree was a bit bigger. Hmm... Oh yes, and it was the first day of hunting season and we had only one day to clear it up. The noise we made probably didn't help the hunting but it just had to be that way this year.  

Another significant element?  Friends with "war stories". To know others have been there and see they made it throughout was helpful and encouraging. I loved every one of those testimonials.

Lastly, my gratitude to the smart guy who came up with the idea of a block and tackle to move that last part of the tree into the nearby ditch with just him and his trusty tractor. It is an example of the support he has given me. I wouldn't expect any less but I still appreciate it and love him for all he has done.

Oh, the plan worked too.  You are the bee's knees, Lew Clarke!

Learning? Yes! Hanging on to see what happens next!

Til next time.