Music! It's here...but then it always has been.

Sometimes Life is just not fair...this week it has been my turn to be on the sick side of Life. Stress? Having too much to do? It happens. I didn't think it was possible to get sick in the Summer. Isn't there something in the Constitution about that? 

There is a wide range of Music here and there is a lot of it throughout the year. Proceeds from the Music Festival funds Music in the Schools for the children during the school year. The Island is a creative place... perhaps it is the ability to just be within Nature and the time we have to reflect... allows so much music to be created.

The Community Band, another outgrowth of the Music Festival, has had several concerts this year.

Let's not forget the excellent programs Dan Hansen puts together at the Red Barn. (Bill Staines - Country/Fol singer-Songwriter this Friday & Jake McDonald, Kristy Larson, & Mark Roeder appear this Saturday.)

Let's not forget those Jam Sessions into the night at Fiddler's Green throughout the Summer, into the Fall...the fun never stops...a wide variety of music can be had on the Island! I wonder/I bet there will be one after the Big Top Show next Thursday!

The 23rd Washington Island Music Festival has hit the Island. I missed the first concert but I heard it was a good one. 

Steve Colburn & Marlee Sabo came up with a great idea last year to help us stay organized about the various activities. They felt we needed a simple schedule to follow and had one printed up at their expense. It fits great on the refrigerator!

In honor of the Music Fest and the fact that Summer is really here (Many thanks to the musicians for bringing it with them.) Here's a musical reminder of what Winter was like here this year. Now this is from Siberia and it iinvolves percussion but I don't think that is such a stretch! Click here for a new winter musical idea!

Til next time!