A little bit of music here & a little bit of fishing there...

I am posting early...it's Sunday and the weather is great. (Oh, it feels so good to say that!) Perfect for fishing and making a little music, too!
This one is for Washington Island Music Fest Musician Tim Klabunde who loves fishing as much (More? What a good question to ask him...hmmm.) as he does his violin... Yes, Tim there are still a few more fish ... er ... Concerts to do and I do see things for strings in/on the program. Remember to get off the Lake especially today as this Concert is an earlier one @ 4:30...AND ice cream may be involved.(Classical Musicians Everywhere - 'Catching Tunes' - by Andrea Orlic)

Last year, when I went to the rehearsal, I asked questions and Tim shared much info on violins. This year, all he wants to talk about is fishing! He is so happy! I think he catching more than a few. It could be the luxury of doing what you love to do and fish the rest of the time...maybe.
There is a lot of enthusiasm for ...fish right now.  Fishing has been good over by Rock Island, too! (Melody Walsh Photo)

Melody Walsh caught a great salmon this week...and Ranger Randy took a great photo...but then, it's hard to fail with this type of material!
One of the many things Lew does up here is transport and do odd (perhaps mechanical) jobs over on Plum Island for FOPPI and USFWS. The photo above was from last Summer and it seemed to typify the way things were.
It seems things are changing this Summer. This was the welcoming committee as we made a run over with for the archeology dig last month and it's true... things are progressing.

This weekend, I know the Island Fair is here but the ability to visit Plum Island  and see the work in progress as well as Nature at its best is tempting, too! Take advantage of it all! 

Summer is so short. One must rest up to be able to hit the ground running,

Coming Soon! It's Ida Maeve, 7 months strong with her Birds of Chicago Dad. I know it is sooo unfair and sooo manipulative of me to publicize an upcoming concert - August 16 @ TPAC - with a picture of a baby. However, the Island is looking forward to welcoming this little one when her parents as the Birds of Chicago present their concert at the TPAC Saturday, August 16...be there!


Summer is going so fast! Do this now...before it is too late!
Thanks to artist and photographer Lisa Russo! Check out where this pic came from -->https://www.etsy.com/ listing/176127554



til next time!