Island(s) .... & ... Emergencies

More Snow? Oh Yes!  Glad we were able to travel safely back to the Island... this was our road to the ferry dock...nice to be able to enjoy Mother Nature as she shared more snow with us this week. The ice remains but travel - from the Potato Dock - is manageable. While we have to be ready for whatever, we are fortunate to have experienced, caring, and conscientious folks who live on Islands.

Emergencies...Every town has them...I find Islands prepare for them.

While we were in Key West, there was an announcement regarding an accident.

A fiery plane crash at the Florida Keys Marathon Airport Tuesday morning during our visit resulted in one fatality, numerous injuries and a massive rescue operation involving dozens of emergency personnel, doctors at Fishermen's Community Hospital and other agency officials.

 There's just one catch: It was all staged. Every three years, the Federal Aviation Administration requires such a drill. In conjunction, Fishermen's Community Hospital conducted its emergency training. The exercises utilized Marathon High School students -- made up in fake blood etc. -- to play the role of the victims.
The strange thing was... Washington Island was also preparing for an emergency that same week at the now unused ferry dock in Detroit Harbor....a rescue on ice. From Island EMT Lou Small: "Ice Rescue Training  - Firefighter/EMT Con M. pulls victim Firefighter Mary H. out of the icy water onto the rescue sled." "Firefighters then pull ropes connected to them to safety. They are wearing Mustang cold water survival suits.""A lot of the crew on the ice bringing equipment on and off the ice. They also supplied the power to pull the ropes in with the victim, rescuer, and sled. Note the old water marks on sheet piling from higher water levels. In the 80's the high water was coming over the top of the sheet piling here."*We are so fortunate to have these folks on Washington Island!

Plus 2 - These items are not emergencies but they may help Life be easier on the Island.

1. Times Added!!! Passing by the TPAC today, it was fun to see that 2013 Best Picture Award Winner Argo is appearing this Sunday. However, after a call to Emmett Woods to clarify, two more showings have been added. An 11:00 am show as well as one at 4:30 pm have been added to allow folks a daytime option if they wish to fit Argo in as well as the Island Players' Center Stage event at the Rec Center.

Center Stage: On the Program: Two scenes, one serious, one humorous for the 1st half w/a break for refreshments and then on to an "open stage"  w/ audience volunteer participation...from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. 

....Make it a double feature on Sunday!

2. Sturgeon Bay...Bayview Bridge Closing: Scheduled to start March 4

 Wisconsin DOT has announced Bayview Bridge will close to vehicular and pedestrian traffic beginning a week from today as part of a $4.8 Million project to upgrade the Bridge. It is expected to reopen to traffic by July 4. Do plan extra time to make the ferry as traffic will be detoured through Sturgeon Bay proper!

Have a great week!

* Many Thanks to Lou Small for the use of his notes. Photos by Lou and Island Police Chief Tyler McGrane.