One thing about living on this meets interesting people and sees interesting things. Nature is amazing and we are fortunate to be able to experience it here.

In the last few years, I have been observing and learning about the birds who use the Island whether it be as their habitat throughout the season or as a stopover on a migratory path. So, I am excited to post about Birds today and the 8th Annual Door Islands Bird Festival set for May 30-June 1. 

I found these feathers over the course of this past year on my walks...funny how objects present themselves and then come to light in a different way...The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has posted an interactive guide/source in March which I found helpful. 

I have learned so much from friends who are Birders here on the Island...never thought I would care about birds the way I do...but given time to observe,  they can effect all the senses ... as I have the time, take the time, make the time to observe the sights, sounds... 

This Winter, this trio hung out at Ranger Randy's window here on the Island. Although we may not have had the Red Cup as Winter crept on, we still had characters ... of a sort.

The focus this year I believe will be the resurgence of the eagle population...such amazing creatures...young eagle photo by Susan Ulm.


Steve Easterly, Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Technician, who counts and bands eagles in Wisconsin will be presenting his research on Eagles and Osprey in the Great Lakes Region Saturday evening. He says the number of active nests in Wisconsin has climbed from 108 in 1973 to 1,344 last year. (Photo submitted to/ printed in the Door County Advocate)

Peninsula Pulse 4/17/14 ... taken near Bailey's Harbor. I could go on and on about the growth in the population since the 1960s ... but then I have in other posts!

Melody Walsh is also on board. An experienced spotter, scout, educator, and photographer... although she would never say so ... Melody will be on hand throughout the weekend. (Oh, that shirt she is wearing reminds me to mention that the Red Cup is opening for the Season this coming Thursday, May 1st ... woo hoo!) 

Eaglet ... US Fish and Wildlife Services Photo...interested in learning more about eagles, osprey? ... take part in a walk with able experienced volunteers? Click this link to the Door Islands Bird Festival site for more information. 

As I move about, I now notice so much more about these creatures...NPR had an interesting piece recently on "Divorce Rate for Birds" ... read it here to figure out the Island connection(s) ... illustration: Robert Krulwich/NPR... based on Noah Strycker's latest book, The Thing With Feathers.

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Have a great week!