Hard to say good bye, Summer...moving on...


Sometimes, it is hard to say good bye... Summer has seemed so short this year...having trouble wrapping my mind around this transition.To me, I see it as "until next time"...Here's one more look at a couple of good things re: waning Summer and transition time.Here's Jace...capping a morning of fishing off with a sno-cone...oh yes!Another happy young man, Michael with his 4 lb. catch...just love these smiles!


Trying to say good bye to flip flops...
and flowers...need to switch to the positives of moving on...

A change in seasons does allow for a trip or two to catch up on things...and to have time to notice the small things...have been hearing about hummingbird moths and I think that is what I saw on this trip. Actually, it was fairly good sized!That day, heading back to the Island, the winds were strong. Although the angle seemed unique (to me) it wasn't too surprising to see a sailboat nosed into the tire adjacent to our ferry, given the wind. This is the time of year to try to pull off one last last run up the Lake. That was just what brothers Jeff and Tim Bennett were up to when Mother Nature had a different idea...although the jib was reefed, the gusts were hard to calculate.The wind disabled the sheave in the block (pulley) severing the line. However that same wind brought Evening Star in range of that tire and kept it "on point" until arrangements could be made  with understanding ferry reps for a short stay to make the needed repairs. On another note, let me add that dredging has started on the ferry channel.


Take Note...




At the TPAC...




Island Artist Cathy Meader will be exhibiting her work at the upcoming show "Sharing Summer's Artistic Bounty" at Briggsville Gardens!Planning to be off Island this coming Saturday? Take a detour to Briggsville Gardens ... out of Sturgeon Bay, turn east on TT at the signal where the YMCA is on TT to Mathey Road, then turn right. The Open House will run from 1 to 5 pm. Cathy says there will be ten artists showing their work. Come and wander these beautiful gardens!


Have a great week!




Respect the Weather gods ....Part 2

Back in August, I wrote about the weather gods. We respect the weather up here. This past week was another amazing example as the Island coped with gale force winds, the residue of Hurricane Sandy. Given that this "perfect storm" was created by a combination of weather events - a hurricane wrapped up in the wind gusts of a giant nor'easter increased by a stronger than expected jet stream plus  a higher than normal high tide topped off with a surge over 9 feet - it made sense that our weather here would be effected as well. The sunset on Halloween gave little clue of the wind gusts that had hit the Island the day before. There was warning and time to prepare but the question still remained. Would the ferry run on Tuesday?It sure did... This is a view of the breakwater as I disembarked from the 7:00 am boat at Northport on Tuesday. I felt quite secure with this capable crew.  I hasten to add that the decision to board the ferry in challenging weather is up to the individual.Just prior to leaving on the last boat of the day at 3:00 pm.At the breakwater on the last boat, Tuesday, October me, the challenge of entering and exiting the Northport breakwater is a big part of the decision to maintain the schedule or to shut down for the day. Sometimes the call is to cease operation; sometimes to continue on... I respect their decision either way.

*They sure do come together and help out on this Island; am thinking of the fire at Gibson's West Harbor Resort just a year ago yesterday. The Gibson family is to be honored. Their positive nature in the face of such adversity shows people can work through a crisis. Our Island community is an example of what can be done when friends, neighbors, and interested folks rise to the occasion and lend a hand. **While on the Peninsula, I did check the weather along the shoreline. On my way. I saw this bench near the water in Fish Creek.It made me remember Veteran's Day is coming. The community service will be held at the Trueblood Performing Arts Center (TPAC) on Monday, November 12 at 10:30 am. As is tradition, the program will be presented by the Island Chapter of the American Legion and Washington Island students plan to attend.... Oh... Pastor Phil Green often takes part in the music for this event. (He is quite a Horn player!) I hope he does so this time. It would be a time we can also say good bye and thank you to him as he and his wife, Sandy, leave soon for their new church in Kansas.I feel fortunate to live on this Island with people who are so willing to "step up"... As people effected by Hurricane Sandy cope, I hope the road to recovery can create a similar strength and appreciation of Life. 

Have a great week.

 Thanks to *Anna Gibson and ** Washington Island Observer for the use of their photos in this post.

Respect the Weather gods ....

The days have been busy but the Weather (with a capital "W") has helped us pause these past few days.

A great place to see the action continues to be Schoolhouse Beach. This is a happening place on the beach side throughout the summer. It is a place to meet, to chat, to cool off. However, there are times when the water side becomes the main event.  

On Friday, the wind switched and came from the North. While that meant the weather cooled off, it also meant waves started to build ... and continued to build. The ferries had rock 'n roll rides... so Schoolhouse was a great place to see the waves at their best... luckily Jamie Small's family had just returned for the weekend. What a great opportunity for his children to take in the action of Mother Nature! (Jackson Harbor had some interesting happenings, too. That story  can be found on Cottage on the Bay's Facebook page.)

Yet the Weather can change and Schoolhouse can be a great place to check out the stars as the Art and Nature Center noted in their post Saturday of Jim Rose's beautiful photo captured earlier. It reminds me that the Perseid meteor shower is happening and should not be missed. Venus is also amazing to see - that bright orb on the horizonanytime starting after 2 AM.

 We are so lucky to be able to inhabit a place where we are able to observe and respect these changes in Nature!

Upcoming Events:

•The return of JT and the Clouds with Birds of Chicago ... Friday,  August 17 begins @10 pm  Nelsen's Hall!  Peninsula Pulse  Article Here

•Island Fair Saturday, August 18 

•Under the Big Top Flea Market following the Fair - Sunday August 19! Be there ... a bargain is waiting!

 Planning ahead?

WI Archives sponsors a great talk on the infamous Great Lakes Pirate, Dan Seavey, on August 23 as well as Death's Door Barbeque August 24 & 25 ... I can taste the brisket now.

Remember to respect Mother Nature ... wherever you are! Have a great week! DWC

PS Many thanks to James Small and Jim Rose for the use of their photos in today's post!