Susan Ulm

10 Reasons to Like March

I find at this point on the Calendar the days can be a bit ummm...long? ... er... challenging? However, we must muster on and with a little positive thinking...I can recognize some reasons to value these days.

1. More time...more light!Hallelujah for the the time change....more light is a beautiful thing!

2. Another nice thing is....catching up with your friends...Meet the ROMEOs...that is "Retired Old Men Eating Out"! As I entered Findlay's for Breakfast the other day, I couldn't believe the high number of cars! Yes, it was a Friday so Corned Beef Hash was the featured item... but really! 

These boys must really like their Hash! By the decibel level of the conversation, they like the time to share with each other as well. As summer comes around these guys will be busy again volunteering and taking on their seasonal or summer jobs so I am not sure the meetings will continue.  I hope so.

3. Use those snowshoes!

Quick, before it gets too mushy and slushy! It is warming up though...Lew was able to xcountry ski over the weekend without the extra layer of long underwear!4. Reading...oh yeah ... enough said!

5.'s a sweet little movie filmed on the Peninsula a couple of years ago. Tony Shalhoub, the man behind this film has longtime connections with the Ellison Bay area and has recently agreed to be the Grand Marshall of the parade during Olde Ellison Bay Days this coming June! (Theme of the fest is...Feed the Fish!)6. Time to see the small things... a vision from Susan Ulm...there is still time to take a breath and enjoy. 7. Hot Chocolate time...perfect the art of a tasty cup of sweet brew...sip a little as we contemplate! This vision is from nephew Nathan Clarke who enjoys making his own marshmallows...we don't have to go that far but, there is time to do it!8. Snowman time... snow at this time...if we have it and we do...packs well for creating creatures and keeping little ones busy and out of the house...another photo from Nathan (who has two girls that do keep him busy).9. Enjoying art ....this painting by Mark David Nelson is a lovely reflection of Winter. It does remind me of the Island. Thanks for letting me share!

10. It could be the getting away or travel ....that, and now having the time to process.  The Cottage may be "asleep" but I am able to see things - literally and figuratively - in a fresh way...It helps me come up with new ideas...much like our visitors do when they have their Island time up here...seeing new things help me figure out how to do things in my own home...and the Cottage.

On second thought ... the weather/atmosphere/temperament of this time of year may not be exclusive to the Island.

Trudge on wherever you are...

Coming Up
Lou and Peter Berryman will be appearing at the TPAC on Saturday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm...They are delightful singers-song writers who provide unique style, energetic and friendly performances on 12-string guitar and accordion.  They were here several years ago in December for a dinner show that was enjoyed by many. (Washington Observer Photo)


 Have a great week!