Seasonal Shopping...with a local flair!

It all started when I saw a sign somewhere on Facebook...I think it came from Omaha actually.The season is upon us.... Let the shopping begin...and then I saw the poster for the Island Art and Craft Show...It was on Black Friday at the Rec Center with a great group of exhibitors...and...I missed took me away from the Island. However, the time away gave me time to think...other folks are away and they want to prep for the Holidays too. What to do?Shopping with an Island or local touch is my suggestion... I know this nifty tree may be a bit too crafty for one's taste but I have to admit this little beauty brings back Grandmother had I have this now the question is how does one make this current Season memorable? Make use of the Internet!  There are three people from the sale who have Etsy Shops!Laura Findlay Hagen here, has LFH Jewelry Designs. Note the Island charm above. It is available in three different metals and there are other lovely items to see...A longtime artisan, Laura is gearing up her design business after taking time for family. through this Etsy site. So much fun to ooh and aah when she posts on her LFH Facebook page! Heidi Brodersen here has Mavenwear. Her sewing/embroidery business is great for organizing whether it is for packing or purse... she also creates knitting needle cases. Mari Anderson here  an accomplished Yogi with many students on this Island and on her other Island (Crooked Island in the Bahamas) has Yogicards - original, fun loving, thought provoking sets for notes and (my thought) framing.As planning continues, one has to keep up one's strength and perhaps order a pie or whatever. I must recommend the cookies tho at Tom and Patty Nikolai's Danish Mill as I tasted them last year and am salivating just thinking about them available again this Christmas! Not sure they can do mailing but Tom has said ordering for Christmas is welcomed and he has offered to make "anything" ... his comment, not mine.Realizing this is a bit further a field but the cause is a good one and the Hardy does involve artists from the Island in their exhibits.  In fact there is at least one Island artist who has contributed to this event. It fits my goal to present memorable items while providing an opportunity to shop in a convenient way. Your donation will help the Hardy Gallery continue its mission to provide creativity and enrichment within the area.  Consider a visit to their silent auction closing at 5:00 pm on December 19!Here's a further reach/distance but it is also a worthy cause and food for thought for those of you unable to make a trip to Sturgeon Bay. The Friends Group for that town's library is sponsoring their 5th Annual Holiday Book Sale this Saturday, December 1st - 9 to 1- Library Basement ...specifically for the holiday season: special "coffee table" book section & art books, ...oldies but topics...Civil War...biographies. Come for the gifting...stock up for the Winter! So some of you reading this post are far away but this is an idea to help you think "out of the box"... and I just have a thing about books....more on that in the future.

So here is the sign that started it all. This post is just a encouragement. Just because Small Business Saturday has come and gone doesn't mean this time of year has to be hectic...we can/should/will take a breath and think "meaningful".  Look around and see what you can find where you are based as well ...  me? Having touched base withartisans on the Island, I am off to order honey for my "mail" presents from Mad Urban Bees, a Madison small business. It's great...full disclosure: the proprietor, Nathan Clarke, is related to the Clarke side of my family. Check him out here.

Tis the Season...have fun getting ready and a great week in the process!


PS What have I missed? Yout thoughts? Share your ideas below!