It rained today. Blew like crazy, too. Rain or shine this place is pretty beautiful. That is the way it is up here.  Black and white days turn into a wide array of colorful memories.

The uniqueness of the Island led me to start this blog five years ago. It started around a campfire like this one. Conversations wander around in that kind of environment. 

Sunsets have a way doing that to thoughts around a bonfire. It continues to amaze me how many folks who follow this blog love sunsets, but then they - the sunsets - vary, and do leave their mark on us, don't they?

It continues to be worth connecting with all of you to share about the Island. Some things remain the same as in  the traditional activities we will see this weekend. Some things grow and change just a bit. This year, the flowers are more lush than ever and the daisies are indeed amazing!

I continue to be amazed by the tiny yet distinct elements we are able to observe here.

Perhaps it is good that a ferry separates us from the mainland in that it gives us all a chance to reset, adjust our mindset as we make the crossing. I hear that comment often from visitors. Not a bad idea. 

Yes, there is much to do and the Community Bulletin Board both inside and out at Mann's Grocery Store continues to be a good source of up to date info. The Observer Newspaper in it's weekly publication schedule with a new edition out each Thursday is also helpful. Check it out! 


Here are a few items I have noticed to fill our weekend:

While the swings out at the Red Barn Park were silent when this photo was taken, one can be sure they will be busy come 6:00pm Friday with the BIG Potluck happening on site. As Director Dan says, "Please bring some grub to share."  First show of the year - Michael Ammons & the Water Street Hot Shots - 7:30pm.


4th Annual @ the TPAC. This event used to be in June hence, the lilies of the vally pictured here but this year the artists are trying out Saturday, July 2 - 10 to 3

Also on Saturday - but a ride on the Karfi or your own boat will be needed for this event. Lunch is great and the Silent Auction is always worth a look see. The Lighthouse, of course will be open for tours.

Photo: Pat Clarke

Photo: Pat Clarke

The American Legion Fish Boil is set for Saturday evening at the Legion's headquarters on Main Road. Do save room for dessert as the Auxiliary women are known for their cakes.

Also on Saturday, the folks at Kaps Marina will be sponsoring a fireworks Show to benefit the Island School.

Start and end the 4th of July with the Fire Department. The  photo refers to October but I assure you They have a great breakfast as well on the 4th of July!



Fireworks begin after sunset and the public is concentrated at the Ball Park. There are other locations nearby as well with good views.

Pioneer Days begin this week at the Farm Museum. This week features Ice Cream Making.

Enjoy this holiday and let Memoties continue to be made this Summer!

For further information and updates do check the island mettle Facebook Page.

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

til next time!