A Picnic in Winter

Where does the time go? Not sure about you but, it sure slips away from me! 

A week - or so - ago we had another bout of iffy weather. That day another tornado warning developed and there was a brief touchdown in the Port Charlotte area. The rough weather of the Island translates well in my preparedness/hardiness factor though! Seeing the ducks on land gave me pause.

They also reminded me of a couple of guys standing by the North Port or Island Ferry Dock - perhaps on the ferry? - discussing the weather, et al.  The weather did not stop us from being out and about for  a bit.

Just the day before, even Mother Nature held back allowing some Island Folk to gather in Naples for the Annual Island Winter Picnic.


If I wasn't sure I was in the right place, that feeling vanished when I saw this welcome!

Grace Ann had been busy and all was ready for an afternoon of catching up, fun times, and a bit of food, too!

Donna, another member of her crew, along with husband Larry provided the foundation of a lovely spread as well as a game of Island trivia that had us scratching our heads and activating our brain cells!

Donna is one busy lady. One might think Life in Florida is all fun and games but this lady is fine tuning her "Dear Rhoda" play/musical into what will be a main stage premiere this coming June at the Trueblood Performing Arts Center. Before that she has plans for the Annual Island Party this April. There is so much going on in that girl's mind!

Then, there is Cynthia! What a Game Maven she is!

Although the clouds had started to gather, the Island Women ruled that afternoon. Cynthia had come prepared with some very intriguing Island related questions. She had done her research!

There were prizes, too. I even won. Do you know how many trips the ferries made this past year? My answer was the closest. Good question, Cynthia.  Now to remember where I put the Round Trip Pass so I can use it this Spring!


We had a great time! Thanks so much, Ladies!


til next time...