Supermoon Monday

It's November and things are stirring on Washington Island.

It's time for the Supermoon and I have to admit I am away from the Island. The combined use of an iPhone, highway speed/travel and of course missing that Island aura did not do this happening justice. Others on the Island have had fun in these two days.

Photo: Susan Ulm

Photo: Susan Ulm

It was cloudy and sometimes foggy as we moved along in the Big City World but out by Greengate Farm on the Northeast side of the Island, Susan Ulm remembered in time to get this image out her back door tonight. Her photos yesterday were pretty neat, too. It was hard to choose. Thank you Susan, for being so generous with your captures.

Other things? Well, if it's November, it means the last Friday night ferry run has come and gone. The schedule is briefer now. I check it more carefully. Some plans work and some don't. It's November.

While Autumn has lingered, the winds have made their appearance and the leaves have (pretty much) fallen.

A few leaves can be still seen, usually in various cracks and crevices.

However, once in a while a surprise -a treat - appears as things are cleaned up. More and  more greenery has left til next Spring and sometimes my eyes play tricks on me. Yup, I did a double take and ran for the iPhone when I saw this.  It was a nice treat.

I did do a little research and found an Oxalis plant nearby. I still find the moment seeing this little petal interesting.

I saw another little interesting thing recently, this time at Northport. Meet Oscar, a curious little guy.

Yet, when his main guy Pete Nehlsen calls, Caesar's ears perk up and he is off to see what is on Pete's mind. Recently retired as Fire Chief, this little guy will keep Peter on his toes through the quiet time. (I understand Peter will continue to serve as a member of the Fire Department team.)

Tis quiet but active, just in different ways. Movies have resumed at the TPAC. "Suffragette" was shown last weekend. 

Photo: Lorel Gordon

Photo: Lorel Gordon

The music scene is gearing up and productions are starting. Donna Breisemeister brought her students over for the Veterans Day Remembrance Program and their performance was indeed appreciated. Tribute was also paid to several Island Citizens for their service in past years. 

Music continues this week as the Concert Band takes to the stage in their Fall performance.


Life continues at it own Island pace,

til next time ...