I had a good bit of time to think this past Winter...which was a good thing as there have been  some changes in my life, but then, everyone must go through changes.

Some things were frustrating...we lost our website, One day it just disappeared. That was interesting.

Other things were somewhat planned. We sold our Cottage... the "Cottage" of "Cottage on the Bay".  Although that whole experience happened a bit more quickly than I thought it would. Looking back on that experience, the work of "saying good bye" to the Cottage might make me think twice about it if it were to happen again!

Some things were more earth shaking...we lost a family dear Aunt December. That was hard. I am not alone in that agony. Over the past year, the Island and its families have lost many very significant people in their lives.

Even though change is what Life is about, it is easier to say or write those words than it is comprehend, accept, and implement the next steps to continue the process of living.

I have gone through a period of time where I found myself stuck. After much rumination, I do have some thoughts/ideas that keep coming to the surface:

  1. I want to continue this form of communication. There will be another learning curve though as this is (of course) a new version of Squarespace. Please hang in there! I find having to learn new things helps me focus. My synapses have more activity...a good thing. (At least, that is what I keep telling myself.)
  2. A new name was needed as we lost the reason - on many levels - for the former one. Say hello to Island Mettle. There is more to be said on this albeit in a future post.
  3. This new site is a work in progress. Good news is my tech wizard, Doug, was able to migrate all the posts from the Cottage Blog to this new site. New posts will appear here as well.
  4. The Facebook Page will continue under the new moniker, "Island Mettle" as there is much to share on a daily basis. 

So this life chapter begins...the ride may be (will be) bumpy but hopefully it will be interesting!

Sounds like a plan...til next time!