Hazy, Crazy...8 last signs of Summer

Sneak in that last bit of Summer...Yes! I am thinking Summer is going to run on into September...I hope!

While the flowers are fooling us this year...who knew we would still have a healthy showing of lilies and daisies here?...there are signs...

1  Death's Door BBQ

It's the 3rd one and it was a wonderful event this past weekend. Plan on it next year... same time. 

 Great people!...25+ teams...each year it just keeps getting better.

Seems there was more BBQ to enjoy this year...Given the shirt, some folks might recognize/guess who was enjoying a chicken leg or two. 

 The event would not be possible without the many volunteers who turn out to help. Here are a few.

2.Last Performances at Red Barn...Eric Lewis returns for the show this Friday. Scenes from A Doll's House, the Winter Island Players Show on Saturday and Sunday.

 I know Dave Ranney directed/ is directing A Doll's House but I want to also make folks aware of a lovely article on an Island Players Icon, Joyce Morehouse. Written for a recent edition of Peninsula Pulse by Howard Scott.

3. School starting up...after Labor Day here...teachers are there tho for In Service Days.

 Those of you who know me are aware I am a retired teacher...so I remember how this time of year can be for teachers...Oh, those inservice days...oh my...so this is for those of you who have begun yet another year...Kudos to you! (From a teacher Facebook friend who will go nameless.)

4.Packers Pre Season Events!

This seems appropriate.

5.Ferry Schedule changes... 

Traveling up for Labor Day Weekend? Do check the schedule as the ferry is back on an hourly basis. 

 6. Rummage Sale! - It wouldn't be a holiday weekend w/o a Sale ...this one is for the fast approaching Chicago-Madison High School Trip...a message from Sue Cornell:

Just a reminder The Chicago/Madison Group is having a community Rummage Sale on Saturday August 30 from 9-12 in the Community Center. Donations can start being dropped off on Wednesday August 27th in the Gym. If you need items picked up contact me at school or Call Michelle Jordan or you can pm me. 

7. Flowers...some of them are on schedule - like these ... (Lauren Bangs Photo)

8. Not sure if this is what is meant by the phrase "dog days of Summer" but today is National Dog Day. I am appointing Duffy of the Jack-Scott household as official rep. (Melody Walsh photo)... What a cutie!

... til next time!