20/20: Thinking about the Season ahead

As I started to put this post together, I had heard the water level has gone up 20" - from Captain Joel and somewhere along the line that there was only 20% left to dredge in the ferry channel project (Doug Clarke painting...East Side of the Island)

But then the news improved...according to Hoyt Purinton, as of Monday morning 91.5% has been completed, or 8.5% remained. Sounds - to me - like if the weather holds, the machinery continues to run, and the regulators so permit most of remaining work could be completed in the next couple of weeks!

I realize some high spots remain at the north end of the channel and that can't be fixed until after July 1 given the DNR rules...but progress is being made...just as the weather improves and we are seeing more green and temps are starting to warm up!! 

We look forward to more views like this one taken this Spring off Cottage on the Bay...Figenschau Bay! Thank you Anna Gibson for taking this photo!

 It could be worse...this photo was taken by Deb Webber... Memorial Day Weekend ...the far side of Horseshoe Island. Things are looking brighter...

 ...Cathy Meader who captured this sunset comments,"When our daughter, Kiersten Meader Spinn, was little, she used to say, "God really painted a pretty sky tonight!" We are so lucky to see sunsets like this! 

Looking forward to Summer!

Have a great week!