Fun + Downtime (can) = Island Time

  Getting things ready... however, taking a moment to enjoy the Island.

While this scene is a bit ahead of the season...part of it is indeed true...

 ...this part....I don't even mind as the sun feels so good!


Growing up, I remember spending long afternoons in the woods. I still enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells. Nature just seems so relaxing. Even research is acknowledging the power of being in a green place.

My Book Club is reading the Conditions of Love this month. This quote struck me as I came upon it...I can only agree...just have to allow a bit of time to observe...absorb...just as I/we did as 10 year olds.

It was nice to notice that the lilacs have been in bloom here this past week ...thanks for sharing some, John Moore! 

 All this....and a rainbow , too... Fathers Day 2014...Photo by Susan Ulm

Take a moment to refuel...a sunset in the woods can be pretty amazing. 

Longtime Island visitor Irene Kuiper understands what this Island can do for us. Her lovely photo can be seen in the Door County ad in the June issues of Real Simple, Health, Food Network, and Cooking Light! Nice going Irene!

So...take a moment...

take a breath...have a great week!