Coffee & Canoes…the Albi & Karfi, too

Color me happy! Lots of reasons...

The water level is rising...Pat Clarke captured this great view at Little Lake recently which speaks to this.

The Red Cup is open for business! Yay!

I saw my first kayak coming off the ferry this week!

Tis the season...Circumnavigation...Triathelon...Eco-Tour...Cross Death's Door or Visit Rock Island...the Washington Island Canoe & Kayak Event is coming June 13-15...Click here for more information on Canoe & Kayak Events.

Over at Mockingbird's slip, the Karfi is being readied for its Rock Island duties. While he looks pretty comfortable there, Captain Jeff assures me the Karfi will be off and away by the latest.

Time for ice cream...the Albi is reopening!

There will be some lovely music this weekend to benefit the Washington Island Music Festival!

 Yes... at the Cottage on Figenschau Bay, the water is going nice to see!

Have a great week!