By the Numbers...

Those of you who know me, are keenly aware I am not one for numbers...but through this cold spell I have had time to think about quite a few significant events in the year just the #s.

4 - The # of pounds the bass caught by Michael Cornell weighed this past Summer. 

30 - The # of years KK's has been in business ...

60 - Fly In Fish Boil

65 - Scandinavian Dance Fest

85 - Trinity Lutheran Church the 90's ... Birthday Babes! 

...and those were just the birthdays in December! 

On to 2014... the Polar Plunge #s +

6 ... as in Degrees ... a cold one this year...

7 ... as in participants ... Schoolhouse Beach was so iced in, a hole had to be cut - with a chainsaw - the day before...and the water skimmed repeatedly before the event. Yes, there might be a bit of a glaze in the photo above. (Melody Walsh Photo)

+ a note from Gloria Small re the annual Island Picnic, Florida style:

Please share this post with any of your Island friends who travel to Florida during February.....the annual Washington Island winter picnic will be held on Feb. 22, 2014 in Naples, FL 11 am-2 pm.....this picnic is open to anyone with an Island connection and their friends...bring a dish to share.....more information later....just mark your 2014 calendar now!

Stay warm wherever you are!

Have a great week!


Many Thanks to Christine Anderson, Linda Henkel, and Eric Johnson for photos appearing in the collage pieces.